Flash Flash Restaurant: vivid decor and a huge range of tortillas

Flash Flash

Flash Flash is a mythical Barcelona venue with a unique concept: an incredible variety of tortillas in a stylish black and white setting, offset with flashes of red.

This large, elegant café, located in a little street just below the Diagonal, is well worth a look if only for its very surprising design.

Flash Flash decor

On the walls, repeated over and over, is a larger than life black-robed silhouette of Karin, the wife of the architect who designed Flash Flash.

Sitting, lying, standing, kneeling or in some improbable position, Karin dazzles you with her flash, as each flash corresponds to a lamp in the restaurant.

flash flash dining room and wall giving onto street

All year long, the dining room is packed with design students, journalists and architects from all over the world, who have come to admire this place which has not aged at all since its creation in 1969. The drawings are superb, and heads turn constantly to take them all in.

flash flash kneeling photographer

The leather benches are extremely comfortable and the acoustics are perfect. It’s without a doubt the best sounding restaurant in Barcelona. Take a seat and relax!

On the menu at Flash Flash:

Among the items on the hugely varied menu you will find around 70 different types of tortilla.

flashflash omelette

For lunch or for an afternoon break from shopping or visiting, tortillas will certainly hit the spot.

  • Vegetarians will love the tortilla de alcachofas (artichokes) or berenjenas (aubergines)
  • Adventurous types will love the tortilla de pescado (fish)
  • Children always love the classic tortilla de patatas. 

Incomparable, and the perfect side for your tortilla, is the tomato bread, grilled to taste. It’s to die for.

Carnivores can indulge in the hamburger menu, which is as famous as the omelettes at Flash Flash. Although we can’t comment as we haven’t tried them.

Flash info


  • Little downside: for a Spanish city where tortilla is a staple, their omelettes are not cheap. Expect to pay around 20 euros to sate a normal appetite. If you prefer to soak up the atmosphere without eating, pop in for a drink in the afternoon or evening.

Open all year (or almost!)

  • Opening hours are flexible: the kitchen is open continually from 1pm to 1:30am.
  • Flash-Flash is open every day of the year except the 25th of December.

This cool, trendy restaurant will appeal to those who enjoy a very late lunch, as well as hungry night owls. To be seen and tasted!

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