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Ghost Walking Tour: mysteries, legends and frights in the Old Town


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The small streets of the Ciutat Vella hide some strange secrets... come and uncover them in the company of a truly excellent guide on the Barcelona Ghost Walking Tour!

Ghost Walking Tour

El Born
meeting point: Arc de Triomf
metro: Jaume I (L4) or Arc de Triomf (L1)


every Friday evening

How much?

€12 for the Spanish-English bilingual tour


to see Barcelona in a different light

You may not realise it, but the dark alleyways and side-streets of the Ciutat Vella take on a stranger aspect after dark… follow your guide to discover Barcelona’s darkest secrets!

Ghost Walking Tour: an unusual nocturnal excursion

Fans of ghosties, ghoulies, long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night: this one’s for you! Friendly and lively in the daytime, Barcelona shows its more sinister side after dark, and conceals some surprising secrets. The tour starts after nightfall, around 9pm, and is a truly unforgettable experience!

Ghost Walking Tour church

You may find the first ghost story a little tame for your tastes, but fear not! Just wait until you see the faces in the stone wall… be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • The tour is based on a book, Fantasmas de Barcelona (“Ghosts of Barcelona”), which the author, Sylvia Lagarda-Mata, decided to adapt into a guided tour.
  • All of the stories are at least partly true. We’ll let you decide which bits to believe…
  • Good walking shoes are highly recommended as you’ll spend two hours wandering the paved side-streets of the Born.

Ghost Walking Tour: the guide

The tour guide certainly knows how to spin a yarn! Our guide was also able to go from Spanish to English in the middle of a tale without skipping a beat, and without losing the audience – a seriously impressive talent.

Ghost Walking Tour dark streets

Whilst she claims to be sceptical with regards to the existence of ghosts and other peculiar spirits, the guide does say she’s felt some strange things during the tours. Her anecdotes are truly capitvating, and even the most hardened non-believers may begin to have doubts when faced with the unsettling atmosphere of certain locations.

  • The tour lasts round 2 hours, but it goes by very, very quickly!
  • During our trip, we got to see some unplanned but frightening (and fun) special effects – streetlights going out for no reason, peculiar conicidences… we won’t say any more, we’ll let you discover it all for yourself.No

Ghost Walking Tour: useful information

  • November to March: Fridays at 9.30pm in Spanish and English.
  • April to October: Fridays at 9.30pm in Spanish, Saturdays at 8.30pm in English.
  • The tour is a bargain at only €12!
  • Even if English (or Spanish) isn’t your first language, we highly recommend this tour – it’s not difficult to understand.
  • There’s no minimum age, but remember that the tour lasts 2 hours and takes place at night, and that some of the stories are pretty scary. Maybe not the best idea for little ones…
  • The tour is run by an excellent cultural services company with over 15 years’ experience, offering a whole range of top-quality guided tours.

Ready to be scared?

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