Gluten-free products: where to shop in Barcelona?

gluten-free products

Gluten-free diets are becoming more and more common, and “gluten-free” labels are multiplying. However for people with intolerances or allergies it can be very restricting when it comes to choosing what to eat!

Being gluten-intolerant myself, I know how it can make life difficult! Especially when you find yourself in a group where you are the only one who can’t eat pasta, bread, pizza, pie, or cake… The good news is in Barcelona you don’t have to be the odd one out in your group!


Gluten-free products in supermarkets and convenience stores

If like me you have banished gluten from your diet more for health reasons than to follow a trend, you can understand my joy and surprise on discovering the quantity, diversity and price of gluten-free products in Barcelona’s supermarkets!

  • All the big box stores (or almost, I admit I haven’t tried them all) and also the smaller supermercats, offer these types of products
  •  You can find the staple rice and corn cakes but also gluten-free bread, cakes and even sometimes cereals depending on the size of the supermarket.
  • You will be happy to know that the price of gluten-free food is fairly affordable and even more so in the supermarkets than in the smaller stores where everything is more expensive. For example Mercadona offers gluten-free bread for only 2.65 euros per 385g.
  • In Paris it was very difficult for me to find a snack to take away without spending a fortune, but it is possible in Barcelona! Which is useful when you spend all day roaming the city’s streets!

Gluten-free products in organic supermarkets

If you’re looking for a really wide range of gluten-free products then head to the organic supermarkets, which often have whole aisles dedicated to them!

 Veritas, the most accessible

veritas gluten-free products

The first time I went to Veritas, I felt like a little girl in a toy shop! Veritas is a sort of hypermarket for vegetarian, organic and gluten-free food.

There is therefore a huge array of gluten-free products but also fresh and dried fruit and nuts, vegetables, oils, teas, eco-friendly products and organic cosmetics.

  • Veritas offers the best value, although the prices are still quite high as everything is organic.
  • As it’s a chain, you can find Veritas stores all over Barcelona!
  • My favourite products? The puffed rice in coconut and agave syrup, the dried fruit bars and the soya steaks (they are all delicious, but be careful as some contain traces of gluten)

When? Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm (depending on the store) 
Where? All over the city
Why? For a variety of products at low prices

Bio Space, the freshest

biospace gluten-free products

Located in Valencia street, Bio Space is a large supermarket offering a wide range of organic products. 

  • The aisles contain a huge variety and the store offers a lot of fresh and frozen products as well as confectionery and products that are naturally gluten-free such as dried fruit, rice, quinoa etc.
  • Unfortunately the range of gluten-free products (bread, biscuits, cakes…) is not very full and it’s a little expensive.

When? Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm
Where? Carrer de València, 186 (Metro: Universitat)
Why? For its fresh products

Obbio, the most surprising

obbio gluten-free products

Obbio is by far the most versatile organic supermarket as it is also a café and bookshop. The store is very spacious and it’s even a great place to wander around in! The gluten-free aisle is varied and quite large (Obbio are even planning to extend it).

  • The array of gluten-free cereals is really interesting, and will appeal to your curiosity as well as your taste buds.
  • The prices are affordable
  • If you like organic cosmetics, there is also a huge range of products
  • A little extra? The cafeteria is a great place to taste the drinks and vegetarian snacks, made from seasonal organic fruit and vegetables, of course!

When? Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm
Where? Carrer de Muntaner, 177 (Metro Hospital Clinic)
Why? For its originality

Barcelona is decidedly a city that adapts to anything, even gluten intolerance!


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