Halal food in Barcelona: a culinary voyage into the Middle East and beyond

halal food

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, and this is reflected in the range of places to eat. In this article, we take a look at the best places for halal food in Barcelona, both for muslims and for those who just want to try something a little different!

Askadinya: a Palestinian halal restaurant in Barcelona

halal restaurant - askadinya

Askadinya is a little halal restaurant in an ideal location in the heart of the bohemian Gràcia quarter, on the pretty Carrer Verdi. Opened in 2010 by a family of Palestinian origin, it serves authentic and tasty food.

Step through the door into a warm and welcoming atmosphere with attractive décor. Some of the tables have comfortable benches with cushions: the perfect place to relax while you eat!

The menu is varied and truly mouthwatering, with both meat and vegetarian options, including superb salads, falafel and Palestinian moussaka. The food is mediterranean-inspired, using a range of carefully-selected fresh products typical of Palestine and the Mediterranean basin.

  • Top tip: go to Askadinya for lunch! The lunchtime menu, available every day, includes a starter, main, dessert and a drink for around €10 (slightly more at the weekend).

Why? For tasty and budget-friendly food
How much? Lunch menu around €10
When? Every day, noon – 1am
Where? Verdi 28, Gràcia (metro: Fontana)

Xix Kebab: a Syrian halal restaurant in Barcelona

halal restaurant - xix kebab

Xix Kebab is one of Barcelona’s best-known middle eastern restaurants. It’s very different from Askadinya, both in terms of the décor (more traditional) and the menu. Where the focus at Askadinya is on vegetables and vegetarian dishes, Xix Kebab is all about the meat – so one for the carnivores!

  • The price is another significant difference, as Xix Kebab doesn’t offer a lunch menu (always a good plan for those on a budget). It’s a better place for dinner than for lunch.
  • Note that the prices on the menu don’t include tax, and bread costs extra (this is common in Barcelona).

The pita bread was a little dry for our taste, but all of the food on offer is very good. The hummus at Xix Kebab was even named “best hummus in Barcelona” by Que fem?, the weekend supplement of La Vanguardia.

Why? For the typical Syrian atmosphere
How much? Mezze around €8, main courses €15
When? Every day, 1pm – 4pm and 8.30pm – midnight
Where? Córsega 193, Eixample (metro: Hospital Clínic)

The Raval: halal restaurants galore!

The Raval is Barcelona’s multicultural heartland and home to most of the city’s Pakistani community. South of the Carrer Hospital, you’ll find an incredible range of little halal restaurants (and butchers). Wander the streets and see for yourself!

  • The Indian halal Maharaja restaurant, on Rambla del Raval, is popular with both the Indian and Catalan populations. We tested the tiny Asian Restaurant on Carrer de l’Arc de Sant Augusti. Its unassuming  façade hides what many consider to be the best curry in Barcelona. Mains cost around €6.50 (sides extra).
  • If you’d rather eat on the go, any of the many kebab stands in the area should do the trick – allow around €4 for a kebab.

Bon appétit!

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