Horta Labyrinth Park: a secret garden where time stands still

Horta labyrinth park

Horta Labyrinth Park is the oldest park in Barcelona. In 1802 King Carlos IV organised colourful receptions there and Fernando VII and Alfonso XIII did the same in 1828 and 1908.

Horta Labyrinth Park’s beauty has shone through ages and countries, and it even appeared in numerous films, including the 2006 film Perfume.

Losing yourself in the Labyrinth

The park is spread over 9 hectares, so there is quite a lot of it! The labyrinth is an obligatory path. Enter by one of the 4 entrances and set off in search of the path that will take you to the centre where the statue of Eros, god of Love reigns.

This is a fun activity for everyone, but particularly for children. It’s also great in groups of friends where everyone sets off from a different point and the first to arrive wins!

horta labyrinth park statue

Relax in the neoclassical garden

The labyrinth is part of the neoclassical garden that takes up a large part of the park. This 18th Century style garden is particularly majestic.

The first terrace

Beautiful stone staircases lead to an elevated terrace from which you can admire the labyrinth from above.

Little temples of love have been erected around the lawn. The statues of Danae and Artemis pose between Tuscan columns representing the park’s twin themes of love and mythology!

horta labyrinth park staircase

If you’re in need of refreshment, head to the fountains and let yourself be soothed by the sounds of the water caressing the sculpted stone!

The Carlos IV lodge

The lodge of Carlos IV is found on a further elevated lawn, and sheltered by a luxurious layer of vegetation. Inspired by Italian tradition, it evokes the Villa Capra of Palladio. The walls are covered in embossed dedications to the arts, science, war and peace.

Behind the lodge, an artificial pond is filled with water from the fountain of the nymph Egeria.

horta labyrinth park pond

Slip away for a romantic walk

The romantic 18th-Century style garden is less graphic than the neoclassical garden, but it has the added beauty of the forest.

It amazes everyone, but its magic is especially strong in the presence of love! The romantic garden is particularly peaceful, and it’s perfect for whispering sweet nothings or even for reading in the shade on the large stone benches.

horta lanyrinth park garden

Some useful information

  • The best time to visit the Horta Labyrinth Park is in Spring, when the perfume from the blooming flowers fills the air.
  • The park also offers pleasant walks in Summer where you can retreat from the heat in the shade of a Cypress tree.
  • Access to the park is not easy if you’re not familiar with it. Take good note of its location before you set out! The main entrance is at the corner of Passeig de Castanyers and Germans Desvalls street.
  • If you’re arriving by metro, get off at Mundet (L3)
  • Buses 27, 60, 73, 76, B16, B19 will take you to the park.
  • It is relatively easy to find free parking close to the park.

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