Icebarcelona: take time to chill at one of Barcelona’s coolest bars


Icebarcelona is something completely unexpected, set in a beautiful location on the beach and surrounded by a host of other trendy watering-holes.

So, what’s so special? Well, the bar is… cool, in every sense of the word. The whole place is icy, icy cold, and that’s how they like it!

Baby, it’s cold inside

On arrival at Icebarcelona, guests are kitted out with the necessary kit to survive the experience, space-eskimo style: a huge silver puffa jacket and a pair of gloves.

The temperature in the bar can go down as low as -10°C. We told you it was “cool”…

Everything inside is made of ice: walls, seats, bars, huge decorative sculptures, even the glasses. The drinks menu includes both alcoholic and virgin cocktails, fruit juices and beer (the only fizzy drink able to withstand the sub-zero temperatures).

  • Top tip: wear trousers, even if they’re only thin. At temperatures this cold, your knees could be clicking like c-c-c-castanets, so unless you’re planning a career in sub-zero flamenco, keep them covered!

Icebarcelona interior ice

  • Warning: in an environment this cold, alcohol will take effect faster than you might expect. Something to keep in mind if you’re intending to drive later in the evening.

The pr(ice)

Entry costs 17,50€, but that gets you your first drink and, more to the point, a truly unforgettable experience. The bar is small, so it’s best to book ahead, particularly on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Ready to break the ice?

Stay as long as you want, make the most of the photo opportunities the bar provides with no risk to your equipment. And as extreme situations can create connections between perfect strangers, you’ll certainly want to break the ice with some of the bar’s other customers.

As the saying goes, if you can’t stand the cold, get out of the freezer… After half an hour or so, you may well want to defrost a little on the terrace, with its views of the sea, and nary an iceberg in sight.

Sounds completely insane? Well, probably, but it’s fun. That’s what holidays are for, right?


Icebarcelona, Barceloneta

Icebarcelona is on Somorrostro beach in Barceloneta. Take the stairs leading down to the beach from opposite the Barcelona Casino (calle Marina). The closest metro station is at Vila Olímpica (L4). Buses 10, 36, 45, 57, 59, 71 92, 157 and N0, N6 and N8 will also get you there.

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