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Jai-Ca: an authentic Barceloneta tapas bar with a family feeling


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The friendly atmosphere and seafood tapas at Jai-Ca make it a favourite for a lot of people. We're sure you'll love it to!

Jai-Ca bomba

Ginebra 13
metro: Barceloneta (L4)


Sunday 9am to 10:30pm
Tuesday to Saturday 9am to 11:30pm

How much?

10to 15 euros per person


for a cheap top tip


+93 319 50 02

Barceloneta is a popular area where a number of tapas bars and restaurants have been transformed into tourist traps. Luckily some special places have resisted this trend. One of these is Jai-Ca, a tapas bar that’s particularly popular with the people of Barcelona.

A typical and friendly tapas bar

A family tapas bar

Jai-Ca has a family history: created in 1955 by two native brothers of Barcelona, the torch was carried on by the son of one of them. The name of the bar comes from the first syllables of his first and second names.

A congenial tapas bar

One of the peculiarities of Jai-Ca is its appeal to both locals and travellers. Here you can see locals reading the paper or chatting among friends, and as the owner informed me, Jai-Ca welcomes everyone equally whether they are regulars or just passing through. It’s not a lot to ask, of course, but it is not the case everywhere!

jai-ca bar

A tapas bar with a maritime twist

Barceloneta is Barcelona’s fishing area, so the bars and restaurants are all very sea-focused!

At Jai-Ca, you almost feel as though you are on a boat thanks to the wooden panels covering the walls and the ceramic tables that represent waves.

Jai-Ca has a number of tables outside.

Cheap seafood tapas

Anchovies, calamari, shrimp, mussels, sardines, fried fish, cuttlefish, cod croquettes… The seafood tapas menu is very varied!


Other staples also feature: tortilla, gazpacho, Ibérico ham, tomato bread, Barceloneta bombas, mixed salads, stuffed peppers, patatas bravas…We advise you to go there hungry!

The good news is that it is really not expensive: if you share your tapas you can easily try 5 or 6 for around 10 to 15 euros per person.

For drinks, beers and claras (beer + lemon soda) cost around 2 euros. Bottles of wine are around 7 to 13 euros.

jai-ca tapas

Our advice for making the most of Jai-Ca

how can you be sure of getting a table at Jai-Ca?

  • Like all good quality cheap tapas bars, Jai-Ca is always full at meal times (2pm to 4pm and 9pm to 11pm). To be sure of getting a table, get there early.
  • Otherwise you can ask to go on the waiting list. This way you will wait less time as you have priority as tables become free.
  • If that doesn’t suit you, you can always go to the new Jai-Ca, open since 2012. It’s just a few metres away at number 9 Ginebra street and you can find the same tapas for the same price.
  • Jai-Ca is small and so are the tables. Many are suitable for 4 people and some for 6. If there are more of you you should definitely arrive around 12pm or 7pm to be able to get more than one table.

jai-ca table

Share and taste!

  • Once you’re seated, we advise you to order various tapas to share. Tapas are generally a few mouthfuls, so there will be enough for everyone. And it’s nicer to try a few things than just one, right?

Dig in!

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