A low-cost restaurant specialising in mussels: La Muscleria

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Mussel lovers, we have found the perfect place for you! La Muscleria offers mussels as far as the eye can see, 365 days a year. Get your bib ready and enjoy!

la Muscleria mussels

Mallorca 290
metro: Girona


Monday to Sunday 1pm to 4pm and 8pm to midnight
open every day of the year

How much?

lunchtime set menu Monday to Friday: 10 euros


for its copious dishes

Less than 10 metres from the Pedrera, if you pass the corners of Bruc and Mallorca, you will surely notice the fishy aroma emanating from the locale with aluminium tables dotted along the pavement. Fancy some mussels? Then don’t hesitate to take a seat or step inside.

Enjoy mussels in a simple, informal setting

The setting of la Muscleria is decorated in the two colours of a mussel: black and orange (an interesting little touch). When you head down the steps into the restaurant you notice there is nothing fancy about it and the decor is very simple. What’s important here is what’s in your plate.

Mussels a go go : how to eat them?

Since 1997, la Muscleria has offered its flagship product, mussels, every day of the year without exception. Offered in more than 50 ways: steamed, in lemon, ginger, cider, curry, mustard, white wine, parmesan, bolognese, roquefort, or five peppers…there is no shortage of choice!

They are delicious all year round as they come from whichever region of Spain they happen to be in season at the time.

Want to know our top 3? Here you go:

  • Top 1: Ginger mussels: (Slurp!)
  • Top 2: Parmesan mussels: (Yum!)
  • Top 3: Mustard mussels: (Re-Slurp!)

Not to be missed: the top tip lunchtime set menu at La Musclería

The lunch menu Monday to Friday costs 10 euros, and it’s perfect for shellfish lovers as well as those who might be less convinced.

You can choose from 3 starters: a tuna loaf or salad or little Catalan beans (for example). For your main course you can choose from all of the varieties of mussels on offer or opt for a meat or fish dish. All followed by dessert or coffee, and the menu also includes a drink and tomato bread.

If you’re still hungry after all that, then you’re on your own!

ginger mussels La Muscleria

La Musclería‘s varied menu

In the evening the restaurant is open from 8pm to midnight and offers a menu rich in seafood as well as typical Spanish and Catalan dishes. Your pot of mussels will be accompanied by fries and costs a little more than at lunchtime as there is no evening set menu. The price of dishes varies from 5 to 10 euros, so there’s every chance of your dinner costing less than 20 euros, even if you have a huge appetite. Although, try not to get carried away when you’re ordering as the portions are quite generous.

  • A tip: this place is very popular with people from Barcelona so to be sure of getting a seat try to arrive as early as possible (1pm or 8pm).

So, are you ready to tie on a napkin and dip your fingers in some sauce!

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