Lantoki: half shop, half sewing room


The clothing market is dominated by a few big companies, and garments often travel right around the world before arriving in our wardrobes. However, there are still some smaller producers determined to swim against the tide. Lantoki, in the heart of Barcelona, is a great example of this. The premises is split in two, with a shop at one end and a sewing workshop at the other.

Lantoki: a passion for sustainable fashion

The Lantoki collection

The shop side of Lantoki includes pieces from a range of different designers, including the shop’s owners. Each item is handmade on-site, and during your visit, you may be able to watch the designers at work in the sewing room.

lantoki garments on hangers

There’s a focus on details and finishing touches, and fabrics are selected individually. Each garment is part of a very limited run, and some are even unique.

Lantoki clothing is comfortable and versatile, but also stylish, hard-wearing and timeless. You’ll find a range of classic pieces which can be kept and worn for years, breaking away from the consumerist mould where garments are only meant to last for a single season.

Other collections

Another aspect of the Lantoki philosophy is to promote the work of a range of small designers, and the shop includes pieces by brands which operate along similar lines. Most of the items on offer are also made in the workshop on-site.

One of the brands in question is Out of Office, which sells incredibly soft, easy-wear T-shirts, alongside a range of organic cotton bags which are screenprinted by hand at Lantoki. A T-shirt will set you back around €30: more than you’d pay in a big chain store, but the quality and the creation process are completely different.

Lantoki also carries collections of beautiful handmade jewellery, including pieces by Simoon, a Barcelona brand (also available from Ivori in the Born). Prices are very reasonable, between 15 and 40 euros.

lantoki simoon jewellery

Lantoki: a sewing workshop open to all

Sewing classes and machine rental

The second part of the premises, open to all, is a sewing workshop filled with huge tables and a whole range of machines. This is the place where Lantoki garments are created, but that’s not the only thing that goes on there! The light, bright sewing space is open to all, from complete beginners to professionals.

Sewing machines are available to rent by the hour, day or month. You’ll also benefit from advice from Urko and Sandra, who run the place. If you want to learn sewing techniques “properly”, sign up for one of their courses: sewing, pattern-drafting, screen-printing and more. If your creations correspond to the Lantoki style and ethos, you may even be able to sell them in the store.

The screen-printing lab

Screenprinting is a technique which can be used to reproduce documents or images on any material, notably textiles. The screen-printing lab at Lantoki is also available to rent.

lantoki workshop

Useful information

  • Lantoki is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10.30am – 8.30pm.
  • Prices vary enormously depending on the article in question, but there’s something for everyone, even if you’re on a tight budget.
  • A list of upcoming courses is available here.
  • Lantoki is located near La Variété, Nuovum, Carolina Blue and Grey Street. Go forth and explore!

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