Lockers in Barcelona: secure left luggage facilities in the city

lockers in barcelona, Lockerbarcelona

The lockers in Barcelona are an excellent option if you have a late flight or train to catch and you can’t leave your bags at the hotel. More importantly, they offer a safe place to leave important documents and valuable objects, keeping them out of the reach of pickpockets (see our article on the subject).

Lockers in Barcelona: LockerBarcelona, a luggage facility in central Barcelona

LockerBarcelona is right in the middle of Barcelona, just a step away from the Plaça Catalunya, in a small, quiet street which is conveniently situated for public transport access.

The facility is spacious, clean and constantly monitored by the staff. Luggage can be accessed whenever and however many times you like, and lockers can even be booked in advance by clicking here. That way, you’re sure to find a locker of the right size, available when you want it.

Several different sizes of locker are available, all operating using a code.

  • As an added bonus, changing rooms are also available.

In addition to bags, the facility is also able to look after bicycles, skis, surfboards, guitars etc. for a fee of 10 euros per day.

Timetable: open every day except the 25th of December

  • From 8:30am to 9:30pm

Lockers in Barcelona: Lockers & Bags Barcelona, a luggage facility in 3 key locations of the city

Lockers & Bags Barcelona offers a deposit service with three drop-off points in the city:

  1. Close to Plaça Espanya: Carrer Llançà, 13
  2. Next to Sagrada Familia: Carrer Sardenya, 265
  3. Near plaza Universitat, in the city centre: Carrer Villarroel, 44

If you leave your luggage in one of Lockers & Bags Barcelona’s three locations, you will have access to it as many times as you like at no additional cost.

There are 3 locker sizes available: hand luggage, large suitcase and large luggage.

Timetable: open every day.

  • From November to February: from 10am to 7pm
  • From March to October: from 9:30am to 8pm

Enjoy the freedom to explore Barcelona, knowing that your luggage is safe and sound!

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