El Mercat de les Flors: Barcelona’s most iconic dance venue

Mercat de les Flors

Don’t be fooled by the name: the Mercat de les Flors is not a flower market, but a theatre and a centre for research and creation around the theme of dance in Barcelona.

Mercat de les Flors: a temple to dance and the movement arts

Located at the foot of Montjuïc hill in the former Palace of Agriculture, built in 1929, the Mercat de les Flors was converted into a theatre and performance venue in the 1980s. The spectacular 12-metre wide dome and the impressive vestibule are the work of the artist Miquel Barceló.

  • If you’re a fan of quirky décor, take a look at the “pottery” façade in the outside passage behind the Mercat!

Mercat de les flors pottery

There are currently three performance spaces of different sizes, which play host to a wide variety of shows and events: the Maria Aurèlia Capmany Hall, the Ovidi Montllor Hall and Sebastià Gasch Hall.

Mercat de les Flors: the programme

The Mercat de les Flors is dedicated to encouraging talent, eclecticism, creativity and innovation, and the fascinating programme of events on offer each year reflects that.

Over the years, the Mercat has played host to excellent local artists such as Cesc Gelabert, Toni Mira, Angels Margarit and Sol Picó, alongside international superstars on the contemporary dance and dance-theatre scenes such as Carolyn Carlson, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Wim Vandekeybus. The level is high!

This link will take you to the programme at the Mercat de les Flors. Explore the site and take time to view some of the videos in order to get an idea of what’s on offer, then go ahead and book your tickets – don’t delay, they sell out quickly!

Events for all, from 0 to 99 ans

The Mercat de les Flors welcomes visitors of all ages. There’s something for everyone, from hip-hop to flamenco to contemporary dance and dance-theatre. “Pessstacles” for a younger audience take up an increasingly prominent place in the calendar, and they’re not just for children – there’s something for all the family. We’ve seen quite a few, and they’re always creative, poetic, innovative and of the highest aesthetic quality.

Useful information

  • Ticket prices are generally between 8 and 25 euros. Book online by clicking here.
  • Tickets for 4 or 6 shows are also available, offering a discount of  20 or 30 % on individual ticket prices (except for tickets priced at €8).
  • The Mercat de les Flors is fully wheelchair-accessible.
  • There’s a bar in the foyer of the Mercat, open on event nights, which serves drinks and tapas, omelettes, empanadas, etc.

To the dance!

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