Clubs in Barcelona: where to go out dancing until the early hours?

boites de nuit où sortir barcelone

There’s no shortage of nightclubs in Barcelona! Whether you like electro, techno, hits of the moment, reggaeton, disco or rock, you’ll find it in the Catalan capital!

In this article, we tell you about the most emblematic clubs in Barcelona, but also about some lesser-known addresses that we loved!

Apolo Club in Barcelona: Eclectic programming and wild parties

sala apolo collage

Located in the lively district of Poble Sec, Sala Apolo is a discotheque that is very popular with Barcelona’s youth, both for its relaxed atmosphere and its eclectic and trendy programme.

Here, there is no selection based on dress code, you can come in running shoes or heels, the important thing is to be comfortable and enjoy the evening. In Barcelona, the atmosphere in the nightclub starts at 1am.

The Apolo club is actually made up of three rooms, “Sala Apolo”, “La 2” and “La 3”:

  • Sala Apolo: Here, the decor is quite impressive. We are in a huge theatre with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and a large stage, all in shades of red. The large balcony floor is the perfect place to have a drink while watching the crowd dance below.
  • La 2: The second room is much smaller but also more modern with a stage set up for concerts and excellent audio equipment.
  • La 3: I must confess, I have never seen this room, as it is only open on Sunday evenings.

Here is the programme of the Sala Apolo, according to the days of the week:

  • Monday: The week starts with a “Honey Bunny” night where only the Sala Apolo is open with rock, pop, indie, garage, electro, rock, and disco music.
  • Wednesday: In the Sala Apolo, you will have a “Bresh” night with hits, pop, reggaeton, hip hop, electro, and trap music. In “La 2”, you will have the “Caníbal” party with trap music, hip hop, house, trance, and urban hits.
  • Thursday: “Milkshake” night in both club rooms. The programme includes well-known hits with pop, dance, rock, reggaeton, hip hop, electro and trap music.
  • Friday and Saturday: On the weekend, the Nitsa parties will rock the two rooms of the Apolo with techno, house, electro, urban and disco music.
  • Sunday: To round off the week, the LGBTI “Churros con Chocolate” parties. Hits, pop, queer anthems and a great atmosphere!

Razzmatazz: An emblematic club for electro and alternative parties

barcelona razzmatazz

The Razz is a large club with 5 rooms that is well known in Barcelona. Located in the Poblenou district (the former industrial area of the city), it is coveted by young people from all parts of the city and the world.

Rock, pop, techno, house, electro, disco; you’ll find it all at Razz. You don’t have to come dressed up, the club accepts everyone (except minors, of course).

It’s hard to predict what kind of music you’ll hear at Razz. If you want LGBTI-friendly nights with more commercial music, you can go to Dirty (Wednesday) and Mandanga evenings (Thursday). If you want to experience the more alternative side of Razz, I suggest going on weekends.

Before you go, I recommend you have a look at the razz website where you can get more information about the artists playing on a particular night. The descriptions are often very well done and they include Soundcloud/Youtube links so you can get an idea of the music that will be playing.

Costa Breve, Bling Bling and Sutton: Select atmosphere and commercial music

costabreve bling bling sutton

Among the most popular clubs for the chic crowd are Costa Breve, Sutton and Bling Bling (where heels or shirts are often required) for those who would like to shake to the Latin rhythms of the famous Reggaeton.

All three clubs are located within a few metres of each other. Sutton and Bling Bling are open on the same days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) while Costa Breve opens on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Not my style of club and I’ve never been there, but if you’re looking for a classy atmosphere, commercial music (especially reggaeton) and parties every day of the week, these three clubs are most likely for you.

The nearest metro stations are Diagonal (L3/L5) and Gràcia (L6/L7).

Input – High Fidelity Dance Club: Techno parties with unbeatable sound quality

sala input barcelona

Input is one of the reference clubs for techno fans in Barcelona. The speakers are of very good quality (from Funktion-One for the connoisseurs) and the light show is quite impressive.

At Input, everyone looks at the DJ who, like a king, mixes on a pedestal. If you get tired of watching him, you can watch the huge disco ball that hangs from the very high ceiling.

Input’s location is not ideal and a bit out of the way, but it’s worth it if you want to have a techno night that will make your bones shake.

  • Address: Avinguda de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, Montjuic (metro station: Plaça Espanya, L1/L3/L8)
  • https://www.inputbcn.com/

Moog: A small techno nightclub just off the Ramblas

moog barcelona

Moog rhymes with techno. Well, not really… But you know what I mean.

Moog is not the kind of selective nightclub where elegant attire is required! The motto of the establishment could be: “Have fun, dance, don’t look at each other”. As the place is quite small, the atmosphere is very cosy.

Here, it is on electro and techno sounds that one sways. Famous DJs have played at the Moog, such as the Englishman Daniel Avery or the Catalan John Talabot. Keep an eye on the programme!

  • It is often very crowded, especially on weekends. If you are agoraphobic, we recommend that you choose another nightclub.

Macarena: An intimate electro club

macarena nightclub barcelona

Macarena used to be a flamenco bar that has been converted into an electro club. This club is quite small and can barely hold 100 people.

The atmosphere is very cool, and you will be close to the DJ who mixes in the middle of the audience! Macarena’s location is also ideal, as it is in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.

It is open every day of the week and offers a variety of parties.

Marula Café: Vinyl nights, concerts and live music in Barcelona

marula cafe

Not too far from the Macarena is the Marula Café. Here, music rhymes with eclectic, atmosphere with dancing, and concerts with inexpensive!

The excellent DJs at this unique club will have you dancing to funk, soul, boogaloo, rock, disco, hip-hop, swing, rare grooves, afrobeat, jazz and Latin music. And all of it on vinyl!

Even if the place is not huge, you will have no trouble finding room to shake on the dance floor. People are there to show off their wildest dance moves, and above all to be themselves, without worrying about what the group next to them might think of their performance.

This state of mind, shared by all the partygoers gathered in this place, is the real guarantee of a memorable evening in perspective!

As you can see, the Marula Café is the temple of good music, relaxation and dancing. Go as you please, whether you want to enjoy one of the many concerts on offer or simply let off steam like Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega in “Pulp Fiction”!

Jamboree: For fans of R’n’B, hip-hop and dancehall


At the Jamboree, you’ll get the best of R’n’B, hip-hop and dancehall from the last 25 years. Here, we are far from the sometimes overrated atmosphere of clubs like Bling Bling: people don’t come to show off, but to let off steam. The Jamboree is very successful and sometimes crowded, but everyone has a good time and that’s really nice.

  • No dress code is required
  • The club is open every day of the week

Opium, Shoko and Pacha: Commercial music by the sea

pacha opium shoko

You’ve probably already heard one of these three names… they are mythical clubs in the port of Barcelona that are located side by side.

In these three clubs, the atmosphere is very international, with lots of tourists but also locals. Unlike many of the clubs we’ve talked about in this article, there is a dress code to follow. A shirt, trousers and shoes with a minimum of class should do the trick.

All three clubs are open every day of the week.

  • Opium is one of the top clubs for EDM, commercial house and pop music. You will rarely find reggaeton there.
  • Shoko, unlike Opium, is more focused on commercial music, reggaeton, hip hop and R&B.
  • Finally, Pacha offers an Ibiza atmosphere without leaving the Catalan capital. The music is quite similar to that of Shoko: commercial, reggaeton, R&B, hip hop, afrobeat and top hits.

La Fira nightclub: Unusual decor and wild parties in Barcelona

la fira nightclub barcelona

La Fira is not a typical club, and you quickly understand this once you are inside. In the corridor that leads to the room, distorting mirrors set the tone and smile at the same time.

Here you can listen to the biggest hits from the United States as well as well-known Latin American singers such as Marc Anthony, Fuego or Don Omar. If you don’t know them, don’t worry: their rhythms are sure to get you going! Want to bet?

Far from the chic and somewhat stuffy style of the Bling Bling, La Fira is a nightclub where what matters is not the appearance but the atmosphere. In fact, there are no tables or VIP areas: everyone is on the same level and comes to have fun, laugh and go crazy to the music.

If you’re looking to let off steam when you go to the disco, La Fira is the place for you!

  • If you go to La Fira by taxi, be sure to tell the driver its full address: Provença 171. Otherwise, you might end up in front of the Barcelona Exhibition Centre, also called Fira but in a completely different part of the city.
  • You don’t need to dress up to enter, casual attire will suffice.
  • The atmosphere starts to take off at 2am, just like all the other clubs in Barcelona.

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