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La Pepita: an innovative, hip restaurant and tapas bar


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Tasty tapas with friends in a small but perfectly-formed bar-restaurant is a great way to start your evening... La Pepita offers all that, and more!

restaurant La Pepita Barcelona

Còrsega 343
metro: Diagonal
metro: Verdaguer


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How much?

20-25 euros à la carte
Set lunch: under 15 euros


for the fresh products
for the friendly staff

La Pepita is a small, friendly bar and restaurant which opened in December 2010. It’s located on the south side of the Gràcia quarter, near Avigunda Diagonal.

What is La Pepita?

The name “Pepita” comes from Pepito, a hot, meat-based sandwich which is very popular all over Spain as a mid-morning snack. The restaurant’s owners, Andreu and Sofia, chose to use the feminine form of the name – pepita – for their restaurants.

The sandwiches are the stars of the show here, as you might expect – but the “pepitas” are more modern and more original than the classic Pepito.

The menu includes Italian, Japanese, Catalan and vegetarian variations on the theme – just the thing for a culinary world tour!

Why we love La Pepita?

pepita strawberry salad

For the friendly service

You’re sure to receive a warm welcome at La Pepita. Sofia, the owner, and her team of waiting staff will do everything in their power to make sure everything is just right.

For the multilingual staff

Sofia is not only charming, but exceptionally talented, and speaks several languages to a high level. Very helpful when ordering!

tuna pepita

For the warm setting

La Pepita gives off a definite positive vibe. We’re not sure whether this is due to the colourful, friendly messages written on some of the walls, or the welcoming decor – either way, the result is a definite success! The bar is always packed, but it’s worth the wait – and if you don’t mind eating at the bar, the service is quicker.

If you want to get a table and you really don’t want to wait, try to arrive for 7.30 or 8pm at the very latest. The restaurant gets seriously busy from 8.30 onwards!

pepita aubergines and goats cheese

For the creative cuisine

The food at La Pepita remains faithful to its Spanish roots, but with a few sophisticated twists, resulting in a range of tasty and original dishes. You’ll also find some more exotic touches!

The aubergine fritters with goats’ cheese, honey and apple, or the spinach and marinated sea-bream salad with strawberries, pine-nuts and basil are outstanding.

The tapalatas, a type of tapas presented in a rectangular tin, like sardines, also come highly recommended. We particularly enjoyed the mi-cuit liver with fennel and marinated pears, with a pear and wine vinaigrette.

La Pepita offers a varied and interesting wine list, and is also well-known for its gin and tonic.

pepita bar

For the lunch menu

Lunch is served from 1pm, Tuesday to Thursday. Booking is essential, as La Pepita is very popular with the local crowd.

The lunch menu includes a drink, soup (cold in summer, hot in winter), a salad made with fresh and seasonal products, a choice of pepita and a dessert or coffee – all for under 15 euros.

  • We particularly like the Neapolitan pepita, with mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, basil and rocket, and the Tuna pepita, with avocado and a Japanese-style sauce.

pepita restaurant

Useful information

La Pepita: opening times

The restaurant/tapas bar is open every day except Sunday. Opening times vary each day.

Opening times:

  • Every day from 1pm to 4pm and from 7:30pm to midnight
  • The bar area is open until 1.30am.

La Pepita is open during the month of August, but only in the evenings, and without reservations.

La Pepita: prices

The majority of dishes on offer cost between 5 and 10 euros. Desserts are priced at around 5 euros. Expect to pay somewhere between 15 and 30 euros, depending on what takes your fancy and how hungry you are! La Pepita isn’t the cheapest restaurant/tapas bar on our list, but it’s good.

“Pepita mi corazón, Pepita, Pepita…”

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