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The thousand and one mojitos of the Rabipelao bar


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If you love cocktails, do not miss Rabipelao bar where intensely fresh cocktails in exquisite flavours are always on the menu. Cheers!

Rabipelao bar

Mercè 26
metro: Jaume I (L4)
metro: Sant Antoni (L2)
Riera Alta 50


friday and saturday 7:30pm to 3am
sunday to thursday 7:30pm to 2:30am

How much?

from 3.50 euros


for delicious cocktails

The rabi…what? Behind its strange name is hidden one of the best bars in Barcelona, but we can provide a bit of an explanation: “Rabipelao” is the Venezuelan name of a curious animal that sleeps all night and goes out after dark. The Rabipelao is also a unique Venezuelan bar with a festive atmosphere and low prices.


There are three “Rabipelaos” in Barcelona: One in the Gothic area, another in the Raval and another one in the Gràcia area. They have in common an unusual and relaxed atmosphere peppered with South American, and particularly Caribbean music.

Gothic Rabipelao

Bright red walls, high ceilings, blue ceramic motifs…so far nothing unusual. But as your eyes get used to the darkness of the place it is impossible not to see that you have entered a strange, unique and eclectic world.

Towards the back of the room you will find that one of the walls is used as a miniature cinema screen, that shows dance scenes from a host of cult films on a loop.

The Raval Rabipelao

In the Raval Rabipelao iridescent blue replaces the striking red of its counterpart in the Gothic quarter. The atmosphere is a little more muted and even a little more refined. Glass chandeliers hang from a slate sky covered in chalk drawings. On the tables are old lamps that could easily belong to a fortune teller.

The wild notes that resonate in all three bars are complemented by another peculiar sound, as behind the bar ice is crushed to salsa rhythms, as the staff create the bar’s exceptionally tasty cocktails.

drawing rabipealo

The Gràcia Rabipelao

The latest addition to the Rabipelao family is in Gràcia, and it is also the biggest. It even has a terrace! As there is more space for seating the (Venezuelan) restaurant is a little more developed, but the drinks and the atmosphere in the bars are the same!



Rabipelao’s specialty is mojitos and their shades and flavours vary to suit all palates, even the fussiest. You can even personalise your mojito thanks to an extensive range of rums: cacique rum, “nacional” (Vénezuelan), Pamper, Habana 7, Brugal añejo, Santa Teresa, Captain Morgan… the list is long!

You can also opt for a strawberry mojito if you’re looking for something very sweet and refreshing.

Other drinks

As the Rabipelao is a cocktail bar, you will find all the classics. Many of them can even be enjoyed in summer fruits versions, particularly the caipirinha and the caipiroska.

Strawberry daiquiri

Even the name makes the mouth water.

From the first mouthful you are washed-over by a wave of freshness. It has a special texture due to the method of grinding the ice, so you may have the sensation that a thousand strawberries are melting in your mouth when you take a sip of this gorgeous drink.

Piña colada

How to describe it?

It’s a first class one-way trip to an exotic paradise; absolutely delicious. It’s impossible to know whether the banana or the coconut wins out in their relentless competition, but in the end they seem to make a beautiful and harmonious marriage.

Useful information

  • The best part is that it will only set you back a handful of euros to taste all of these wonders, as each cocktail costs between 3.50 and 10 euros. Really not expensive considering the quality of the drinks on offer.
  • The other good news is that all cocktails are one euro cheaper every evening until 11pm.

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