Rekons in Barcelona: empanadas, sandwiches and low prices

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Rekons definitely qualifies as a top tip: friendly, tasty, cheap and copious. You might find it hard to stay away!

empanadas Rekons

Carrer Blai 48 (metro Poble Sec)
Carrer Comte d’Urgell 32 ( metro Sant Antoni)


Blai: Mon-Wed 11am to 2am
Comte d'Urgell: every day except Tuesday 10am to midnight

How much?

à partir de 2 euros


for great value

“You’ll see, you’ll love it. It’s super tasty and really not expensive! And the servers are also super nice.” This is what my friends said when they wanted me to check out Rekons.

Although I was already (almost) convinced, I still needed to see if it was worth it or if my friends were laying it on a bit thick. Turns out they were telling the truth: Rekons was worth all their praise.

Rekons: a varied and appetising menu…

To eat…

Number one quality: Rekons offers a very diverse menu of mains, bocadillos, tapas, charcuterie and desserts with a little South American twist…The house specialty is even empanada.

  • Empanada is a very popular South American dish. It is a sort of meat- or cheese-filled fritter (see first photo).
  • At Rekons, empanadas are handmade and the fillings are very varied: chicken tuna, ham, cheese, vegetables… and they are as delicious as they are varied. Some people even say they are the best empanadas in Barcelona!
  • You can also find tapas, bocadillos or boards of cheese or cured meats. Yum!

rekons ham sandwich

To drink…

You can choose from red or white wine, cocktails and also hot drinks. If you have the bright idea to come here for an afternoon snack then treat yourself to the sweets, such as the alfajor, a delicious little round cake made with dulce de leche, that’s very popular in Chile and Argentina.

Rekons: copious and cheap

Rekons charcuterie ham chorizo sausage

Second quality: the prices are as appealing as the menu. Empanadas are 2 euros, bocadillos between 3 and 5.50 euros and boards between 4.50 and 12 euros depending on the size. The portions are very generous, so there is no chance of you being left wanting more!

In terms of drinks, the cocktails are good if a little heavy (mojito, caipirinha and piña colada) and cost 6.50 euros. A glass of wine costs between 2.50 and 3 euros, as does beer.

  • You might have grasped that the aim of Rekons is to allow you to treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Brunch at Rekons

The set brunch menu is a definite bonus at Rekons. Wait for it: for less than 9 euros you can have croissants, toast, muffins, cakes, empanadas, boiled eggs, bocadillos, a cheese board…as much as you like! Only drinks are not included in the menu.

  • Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 4pm.

Barcelona’s two Rekons

rekons-brick wall

  • Rekons on carrer Comte d’Urgell has a deli part where you can get empanadas to take away. But you can also eat there on the terrace or in the little upstairs room, although capacity is quite limited.
  • Rekons on carrer Blai could be part of your tour of bars in Poble Sec. It’s also where brunch is offered.

Many thanks to Béa and “Virgule” for this find!

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