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Sagalès Pass: unlimited bus travel from Barcelona to Gerona and Figueres

Dalí's house sagalès pass

Catalonia is a beautiful region with plenty to discover, as you’ll see from our article 10 ideas for trips you can take from Barcelona. The Sagalès Pass offers unlimited travel between Barcelona, Gerona and Figueres – a very useful thing to have!

How does the Sagalès Pass work?

It’s really very simple! Buy your pass online, then head to one of the Sagalés-Barcelona Bus kiosks at the coach station. Present your receipt, and you’ll be given your Sagalès Pass.

Next, all you need to do is pick your bus! The pass gets you a full day of unlimited travel on Sagalès and Barcelona Bus buses between Barcelona, Gerona and Figueres.

It’s a great offer, giving you access to several towns for an unbeatable price. A full price return bus journey from Barcelona to Gerona, for example, costs around €22. For €3 more, you get the opportunity to visit Figueres and the superb Dalí museum.

Destinations covered by the Sagalès pass

The Sagalès Pass lets you discover two of the major tourist destinations in Catalonia:

  • Gerona, a charming medieval city
  • Figueres, Dalí’s hometown, with a superb museum celebrating the artist’s work.

Certain lines go via the airport, which is very useful if you want to make the most of every last minute of your Catalan holiday. Using the Sagalès pass, you can travel directly from Gerona or Figueres to the airports of Barcelona or Gerona.

Useful information

  • The Sagalès pass costs €25
  • Catch the bus from the Sagalès kiosks at Barcelona coach station
  • The kiosks are located at Carrer Ali Bei, 80
  • The kiosks are open Monday to Sunday, 3.30am – 7.30pm
  • Buses run fairly frequently – check the timetable at barcelonabus.com

If you decide you’d rather rent a car instead of getting the bus, click here to compare prices from different agencies before booking!

Bon voyage!

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