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Places to eat before or after a visit to Sagrada Familia


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Looking for somewhere to eat well near Sagrada Familia? The area is mostly tourist-oriented, but we have a few good addresses for you!

Restaurant near Sagrada Familia le coq and the burg

Restaurant near Sagrada Familia: La Paradeta

La Paradeta is hidden away in a quiet alleyway near Sagrada Familia, and consists of a market stall full of sea food and a dining area with the feel of a no-frills, self-service cantine.

restaurant near Sagrada Familia paradeta

You simply choose your own seafood, pay by weight (at very reasonable prices), sit at one of the blue formica tables and wait for your number to be called over the loud speaker. Food ready? Dig in!

Clearly, this isn’t the best place for a romantic dinner or a quiet meal with friends. But if you’re looking for excellent seafood at reasonable prices, before or after a visit to Sagrada Familia, don’t miss La Paradeta!

  • Those with a sweet tooth may be disappointed to note that the restaurant only serves fish and other seafood with a salad garnish. There are no desserts on offer – but that’s ok, the next address has something for you.

Where? Passatge Simó, 18
When? Tuesday to Sunday, 1pm-4pm and 8pm-11.30pm (or until midnight at the weekend).
How much? Around 25 euros
Why? For fresh seafood

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Restaurant near Sagrada Familia: The Bristol Café

restaurant near Sagrada Familia bristol cafe dessert

Just a 5-minute walk from Sagrada Familia, on the way back towards the centre of Barcelona, lies a new discovery (for us):  the Bristol Café.

This little café, run by two Argentinians, offers fantastic options for breakfasts, quick meals or afternoon snacks.

The menu features tapas, salads, burgers, sandwiches, cakes, empanadas, alfajores, scones, bruschettas, guacamole and hummus, amongst other things. It’s pretty eclectic! The one thing all of these dishes have in common is that they’re home made, using top quality, fresh ingredients.

  • An added extra: the Bristol Café has very good background music, and tea and desserts are served on fine china.


Where? Roger de Flor 222
When? Monday-Friday 8.30am-8.30pm, Saturday 10am-7pm.
How much? Under 15 euros for lunch
Why? For the homemade desserts


Restaurant near Sagrada Familia: the Arc-Iris

restaurant near Sagrada Familia arc iris dessert

The Arc-Iris is one of Barcelona’s most iconic vegetarian restaurants. Opened in 1969, it has stuck to its principles, ignoring passing trends and following a no-frills approach, with no unnecessary additions.

The menu is written in Catalan, but the friendy and helpful waiting staff speak English.

The first thing you’ll notice on entering the restaurant is the number of regulars. It must be good if the locals come back time and time again! And yes, our experience has shown that to be the case – the restaurant serves good, authentic food every time.

The ambiance is warm and friendly, the service is efficient, the food is simple and comes in generous portions, and the prices are more than reasonable. For less than 10 euros, you have the choice of three dishes and a dessert from an extensive list. What more could you want? Well, somewhere to sit! Given the restaurant’s success, that’s not always a given.

  • Top tip: aim to get there between 1 and 1.30pm. From 2pm onwards, it’s hard to get a seat, and there may even be a queue out the door.
  • If it’s busy, you may be asked to share a table – a great way of meeting some of the locals!

Where? Roger de Flor, 216
When? Monday to Saturday, 1pm-4pm. Closed Sundays and public holidays.
How much? Around 10 euros for the lunch menu
Why? For vegetarian food and a good atmosphere

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