Segway in Barcelona: a fun and original way to discover the city

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A Segway tour offers a fun and original way of discovering Barcelona. We tried it, and we loved it! Ready? Hop on!

Segway Barcelona

metro: Drassanes or Liceu (L3)
Nou de la Rambla 38


every day

How much?

from €39


for a fun way to discover the city

Ever tried riding a Segway? It’s an unusual, but fast and fun way to get around. Careful, you may develop a taste for it!

Segway: fun and easy to handle

The principle behind the Segway involves standing on a platform between two motorised wheels. To move, you simply lean forward slightly. To stop, you stand up straight, and to turn, you simply turn the handlebars. Child’s play!

Well, when we say “child”, we don’t mean small children – for safety reasons, Segways can’t be used by children under 10. That said, during our tour, we noticed a lot of children and teens watching on in envy…

Segway tour routes

There are 3 options for the Segway tour:

  • Short tour (60 mins): Passeig Colón, the old port, the Olympic Port and Vila Olímpica.
  • Medium tour (1 1/2 hours): short tour + Parc de la Ciutadella and Arc de Triomf
  • Long tour (2 1/2 hours): medium tour + the Barcelona coast (as far as the Fòrum), Diagonal Mar, the Agbar Tower and the basilica of La Mercè

We recommend the 2 hour route. It’s long enough, without being too long, and you’ll get to see the city’s beaches and the famous Parc de la Ciutadella. All that would take much longer on foot!

parc de la ciutadella segway

Explanations in English throughout the tour

All tours are led by a guide who will provide information on the places you see along the way. Choose your language when booking. Note, however, that you may be in a group with people who requested a different language, particularly in low season.

If this is the case, the guide will provide explanations in both languages. It’s not a big deal, in any case, as the main attraction of the tour is the Segway itself!

Useful information

Guided Segway tours: prices

  • 60-minute itinerary: €39/person
  • 1 1/2 hour itinerary: €49/person
  • 2 1/2 hour itinerary: €69/person

Other information

  • If you’ve never been on a Segway before, worry not! There’s a 30-minute training session before the tour begins. It was the first time we’d tried it, and within minutes we were practically experts. Seriously!
  • Segways have a rigid basket to protect your valuables, and so that you don’t have to carry a bag on your arm or your back.
  • For safety reasons, a helmet is provided.
  • Don’t forget the suncream and your sunglasses, you’ll be particularly exposed along the seafront.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable shoes (trainers or similar) because you’ll be standing for two hours. Your feet may get sore after a while if you don’t have suitable footwear.
  • Finally, your legs are likely to be pretty tired after your Segway experience. Plan on doing something restful afterwards!

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