Shows in Barcelona: Spanish guitar concerts

spanish guitar shows in Barcelona

If you happen to be a music lover and a fan of stringed instruments you will love Spanish guitar concerts. The musicians’ virtuosity can make these performances in Barcelona a complete escape from the city or a moment of pure emotion.

Shows in Barcelona in an exceptional setting

Spanish guitar performances take place either in the Santa Maria del Pi basilica, or in the Sant Jaume church: two magnificent Gothic buildings that reveal Barcelona’s rich architectural and historical gifts.

shows in Barcelona Santa Maria del Pi

I was lucky enough to attend a concert in the Santa Maria del Pi basilica.

Its chapel is located on the right of the entrance and is perfectly suited to musical performances as its small size makes for wonderful acoustics.

This very interesting setting makes you feel like you are attending a private concert due to the incredible proximity of the artists. After just a few seconds the first notes are released and you are carried away.

Performances in Barcelona by guitar masters

The Spanish guitar concerts are performed by internationally renowned musicians. I had the opportunity to see Catalan Manuel González, considered by the New York Times to be one of the world’s greatest Spanish guitar specialists.

For an hour, the works of Catalan and Spanish composers washed over us, as the guitarist demonstrated breathtaking skill while maintaining what seemed like a dialogue with his guitar. I had a wonderful time, entranced by both the place and the music!

Good to know:

  • The artist is alone on the stage, just accompanied by the guitar (except of course in the case of a trio performance).
  • The pieces are classical so there is no singing and it is not very lively, but rather an intimate instrumental performance.
  • These performances in Barcelona are mostly attended by tourists, but that does not mean that the quality is not good! The serious organisation involved in the event and the talent of the artist are clear.

Useful information:


: 19 euros online (23 euros at the door)
Time: 9pm, sometimes 9:30pm
Duration: 1 hour

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