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Where to skateboard in Barcelona


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Barcelona is the European skateboard capital, with numerous skateparks. If you need help choosing your favourite spot then skate this way.

skateboard skatepark marbella

Barcelona is a favourite place for skateboarders. As well as dedicated skate parks, the whole city provides an ideal terrain for this sport. Here is a list of places to skateboard in Barcelona. Prepare your tricks!

  • Remember that in Barcelona skateboarding is considered an extreme sport, so the police can give a warning to any skateboarder who they consider is endangering the lives of people around them.

1. Skateboard : The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), the best known spot

macba skateboard


Many skateboarders meet in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona. On the MACBA square there are many long granite benches as well as stairs with irregular numbers of steps which are great for tricks.

  • The esplanade is quieter in the morning before the crowds arrive.
  • After 7pm the square is less sunny and there are fewer people than in the afternoon.
  • On Tuesday and Sunday evenings, skateboarders are officially authorised to use the space as a skateboarding spot, but there is no ban on them during the rest of the week.


Plaça dels Àngels, El Raval, Universitat (L1 or L2), Catalunya (L3)

2. Skateboard: Les Corts, a newer park

Located less than 10 minutes by skateboard from Camp Nou stadium, this skate park was created in 2014. Surrounded by pleasant green spaces, it offers walls, ramps, steps and benches.

  • This park is located under two bridges so it is quite shady. This is great on sunny days and at night the park is lit up so it can still be used.
  • The “Les Corts” skate park is a little outside the city.

Where? Avinguda d’Albert Bastardas, Les Corts, Zona universitària (L3)

3. Skateboard and longboard: The forum and Museu Blau, the biggest skating space in the city.

forum skate park

At the exit of the “El Maresme Fòrum” metro, there are two different spaces for skateboarding.

  • On the left of the Museu Blau, after the incline there are ledges and steps. Under the museum building, benches can also be used for tricks.
  • Opposite the Museu Blau, on the right, the slope is perfect for longboards. Right at the top of the square, heading to the right for 400 metres there is a little skate park made up of a mini ramp, ledges and rails.


skateboard in Barcelona Maresme

  • This spot is very diverse and can be used for skateboards as well as longboards.
  • There aren’t a lot of shops nearby so if you are going to the Forum, remember to bring something to drink. The nearest place is the Diagonal Mar shopping centre.

Where?  Parque del Forum , Plaza Leonardo da Vinci, s/n , El Maresme Fòrum (L4)

Passeig Marítim de la Mar Bella, 3574, El Maresme Fòrum (L4)

 4. Skate: La Mar bella, the seafront park.

skateboard in barcelona

Located just beside the beach, this park has recently been restored. You can find rails, ledges, bumps and bowls that allow you to perform different tricks. Mar Bella suits skateboarders of different levels with its 3 different sized bowls.

  • Its location between a sports complex and the seafront makes this a very pleasant and friendly spot.

Where? Passeig Marítim de la Mar Bella, 106, Poblenou, Poble nou (L4)

If you want to know more about places to skate, click here to see a map of the best skating spots in Barcelona.

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