The Growler: Barcelona’s craft beer temple


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If you fancy sipping a good craft beer in a relaxed atmosphere, then The Growler is the Eixample bar for you!

The Growler craft beer

metro: Girona (L4)
Roger de Lluria 81


closed on Sundays
Monday and Tuesday 12pm to 3pm and 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday to Saturday 12pm to 3pm and 5pm to 11pm

How much?

1 pint: between 4 and 5.50 euros
1/2 pint between 2.50 and 3.80 euros
5 small glasses 4.50 euros


for quality beers

A wise person once said “Life is too short to drink bad beer,” and some people take this principle very seriously. If you are one of these, or if you simply feel like trying something new, we have the perfect place for you. The Growler is a quiet bar in Eixample that has delighted aficionados of quality craft beer since its opening in 2016.

Craft beer in a relaxed atmosphere

The bar has a long shape, like most of the establishments in the area, and the decor is overall simple and minimalist. Various shelves are weighed down with bottles of craft beer from around 160 different labels.

An immense bar dominates the centre of the venue and if you can get a seat there you can enjoy the conversation and sage advice of the owner, Richard.

A few small tables are arranged for two or for small groups to sip their favourite beer while listening to good music. In the back there is the additional nice detail of a guitar, available for playing if the need takes you.

the-growler fons de lu bar guitar on the wall

5 good reasons to drink craft beer

  • Craft beer is totally natural with no additives.
  • It is great for quenching a thirst (although I’m sure you had no doubt of that).
  • It is nutritious.
  • The main ingredients are very high quality: the 4 basic elements being malt, water, hops and yeast. It is therefore very tasty.
  • It has curative properties (it slows the ageing process, reduces the symptoms of menopause, slows down osteoporosis and reduces cardiovascular risks among others!) So why deprive yourself?
  • All the same remember it does still have alcohol in it, so enjoy sensibly!;)

The Growler’s huge variety of craft beers

Richard can recount the virtues of his current top ten craft beers in Spanish, Catalan and English.

The 10 pumps at the bar offer different styles of craft beer, mostly Spanish. They are changed around every 2 to 4 weeks.

  • There is always one brown beer (Porter, Stout and Russian Imperial Stout) and a Pilsner
  • Pale Ales, American Pale Ales and Indian Pale Ales are often available, as well as different IPA versions: Session IPA, Red IPA and Black IPA and the more alcoholic Double IPA, Imperial or Triple IPA.
  • Red Ales or Amber Ales and more roasted beers such as Brown Ales are often included in the array at the bar.
  • Colder or fresher beers (Seasonal or Sour) or fruit beers are also often available.

the growler craft beer bar

If you happen to be won over by one or other of these beers, you can buy some to take away in a one or two litre growler, a nice black container specially designed to preserve the qualities of each beer, and also the source of the bar’s name.

  • An empty 1 litre growler will cost you 5 euros. To this you can add the price of 1 litre of your chosen beer (between 7 and 10 euros more)
  • An empty 2 litre container will cost you 6 euros, and the 2 litres of beer will cost you between 12 and 18 euros more.
  • The growler belongs to you then, and you can come and have it filled up as often as you like!

Craft beer tasting setsthe growler beer tasting sets

If you’re having trouble choosing a beer, for 4.50 euros you can test an assortment of 5 little glasses of beer, of varying bitterness. It’s a nice way to find out which style of beer suits you best.

I must admit I really enjoyed tasting and comparing them and although I’m not a big beer fan, I really started to appreciate it! Of course I must be careful not to get too carried away now…Cheers! drawing glass of beer

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