Tibidabo, an amusement park overlooking Barcelona


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To visit a great amusement park with family and friends, and enjoy an incredible view of Barcelona, Tibidabo is the perfect place!

Tibidabo: views

plaça Tibidabo 3-4


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How much?

+ de 1,20m: around 28 euros
-de 1,20m: around 10 euros
-de 0,90m: free


for an incredible view

Opened on the 29th of October 1901, Tibidabo has 25 attractions spread over 7 hectares. It is considered one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and over its 100 years it has evolved to include new attractions.

Tibidabo and its panoramic view

tibidabo Barcelona view

The park is an emblematic site in Barcelona, situated on mount Tibidabo, the highest peak in the city (512 metres) on the Collserola hill. It is surrounded by a forest area that is home to 10 million trees.

My top 5 unmissable attractions at Tibidabo

There is something for everyone, and visitors of all ages will find their favourites among the 25 attractions that the park offers.

The following are my top 5. Begin countdown…

5- La Talaia

You are surely all familiar with the concept; there is a platform at each end and it makes a complete circle allowing you to enjoy an impressive panoramic view. This is what the Talaia does, offering an incredible view over all of Barcelona, and particularly over the rest of the park’s amusements, the forest and the neighbouring areas.

Advice: if you suffer from vertigo, don’t go too close to the edge!


4- La Mina d’or

La Mina d’or is a ride at Tibidabo where you float along the water while sitting in a little boat shaped like a log. You make a few big splashes and you may very well get soaked, especially if you’re sitting in the front!


3- Muntanya Russa

The Muntanya Russa is a classic rollercoaster with the added advantage of providing an extraordinary view of Barcelona, while taking the biggest drop in the whole amusement park!  It’s a powerful experience!

tibidabo rollercoaster panorama

2- Kruger hotel

This Tibidabo hotel is one of the greatest attractions of the park. Once you have finished queuing you will be led through by a hotel guardian who will take you on a horrifying tour including monsters that appear out of nowhere or follow you…this a place for fright and fun!

tibidabo hotel krueger

1- L’huracà

L’Huracà (hurricane in English) is my favourite ride. You often find yourself upside down, and spinning around, and if you love powerful sensations, it’s a winner!

tibidabo hurricane

Advice and information for going to Park Tibidabo

  • Above all, bring a bottle of water and a picnic, the food sold there is not good and snacks are very expensive.
  • Take bags to put your belongings into, do not leave anything in your pockets!
  • In Summer and during the tourist season, avoid going at the weekend, as the park is often packed. Better to go during the week and early in the morning if you can.

Times and prices

Panoramic area

  • January and February: closed except from the 2nd to 5th of January and weekends in February.
  • From March to October: open every day
  • July and August: more extensive schedule.
  • November and December: open every day

Amusement park

  • January and February: closed except from the 2nd to 5th of January
  • From March to October: open on public holidays and weekends
  • July: open from Wednesday to Sunday
  • August: open every day
  • November and December: open on public holidays weekends

The opening hours are variable but to give you an idea, the park closes at 4pm during the week and at 7pm the weekends in Winter and at 8 0r 9pm during the week and at 10pm the weekends in Summer. (In August the park closes at 11pm every day!) Click here to access the calendar.

  • Entry costs €28.50 but you can enjoy a 10% discount by clicking the link below. It includes access to all of the amusements in the park, as long as you meet the height restrictions.

Attention! People over 60 and people with reduced mobility can buy discount tickets, but they will only be able to buy their tickets at the park and they will have to present a document as a proof.


How to get to Tibidabo?

Public transport

route tibidabo

From the city centre, there are two possibilities:

  • Route nº1, by Bus with the Tibibus T2A (tickets cost around 3 euros) leaving from Plaça Catalunya (stops at the corner of Plaça Catalunya and Rambla Catalunya) from 10:15am every day that the amusement park is open. In my opinion this is the cheapest and easiest way to get there.
  • Route nº2, by metro + Funicular del Tibidabo (you will have to buy a metro ticket and a T10 ticket T10 + around €5 if you have already bought your Tibidabo ticket online, and around €8 if you haven’t). This option is less cheap but it’s always nice to travel by cable car. It’s up to you!

By car

A 500-space car park is available at Tibidao for 3 euros an hour or 10 euros for the whole day. If you’re in a group it’s worth it, but be careful at the weekend as it fills up quickly!

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