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Timesburg: your destination for top-quality burgers in Barcelona


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Timesburg, in the heart of Poblenou and at two other locations in Barcelona, serves up generous, gourmet burgers. Your mouth should be already watering!


metro: Llacuna (L4)
Pujades 168


Every day 1pm - 4.30pm
Friday and Saturday: 8.30pm - midnight
Monday - Thursday and Sunday: 8.30pm - 11pm

How much?

from 6 euros


for the generous burgers
for the peaceful terrace

Timesburg is a restaurant serving huge and unusual burgers. Take time to discover them in a relaxed, uncomplicated atmosphere.

Timesburg: huuuuge burgers!

Looking for a big burger, with a generous helping of meat? Timesburg offers a whole range of options with half-pounder patties. All you have to do is choose one – not as easy as it sounds!

The burgers on offer are not your standard, run-of-the-mill burgers, either. The Cabra, for example, features goats’ cheese, 200 grammes of meat, tomatoes, caramelised onions, homemade mayonnaise and blueberry compote. If you like savoury dishes with a sweet note, this might be the one for you!

burgers at timesburg

Timesburg also offers more traditional burgers, which are still very tasty.

  • The burgers are served without chips, but they’re so big that only really, really hungry diners will feel the need for a side-order.
  • If you’re a fan of the famed Kobe beef – or you’ve always wanted to try it – it’s available in the Kobe burger, or can be added to any other burger, for a supplement.

The best thing about this restaurant is the authenticity of the burgers, with “real” portions of meat and a whole host of original options.

Room for dessert? For around 3 euros, you can get one of the three “house” desserts: a brownie, tiramisu or carrot cake. Hmm…

carrot cake burgers

Timesburg: natural and authentic décor

Timesburg has a very natural feel, with a scattering of plants, wooden tables and colourful chairs.

timesburg: seating area and window burgers

Unlike fast food chain restaurants, the focus here is on simplicity, with natural light flooding in through the glass façade and high ceilings creating a feeling of space.
timesburg burgers mezzanine

You’ll also find seating on the mezzanine, which has the same relaxed atmosphere as the space downstairs.

  • When we visited, we ate outside on the terrace, under the shade of the parasols – a great place to eat when it’s hot outside!

Timesburg: locations across Barcelona

burgers Timesburg Barcelona

Good news! There are 3 Timesburg restaurants in Barcelona.

  • The restaurant featured in this article is at Carrer de Pujades, 168, Poblenou, metro: Llacuna (L4)
  • París, 95, metro: Hospital Clínic (L5)
  • Moianès, 75, metro: Hostafrancs (L1)
  • Roselló, 520, metro: Sant Pau Dos de Maig (L5)
  • Sant Joan, 47, metro: Girona (L4)
  • Nicaragua, 137, metro: Les Corts (L3)
  • Fabra i Puig, 233, metro: Virrei Amat (L5)

Timesburg Gold

The new Timesburg Gold in Barcelona has just opened! And there is news! Table service is included, it’s possible to make reservations and meals for groups and there are many new ingredients to add to your hamburger! 

  • Where? Casanova, 246, metro: Hospital Clínic (L5)

Wherever you find yourself in the city, you shouldn’t be too far from a gourmet burger experience!

Thanks to Ramon Clemente, a professional photographer, for letting us use his photos in this article.

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