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Tapas trail around Poble Sec: an original and fun way to eat out


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Here's a list of our favourite tapas bars in Poble Sec, where you can enjoy great tapas and pinchos without breaking the bank. Hungry? Follow us!

tapas trail poble sec

It’s high time to (re)discover one of Barcelona’s liveliest quarters and its fantastic night life! Try our tapas trail around Poble Sec for a memorable evening out.

If you ask a local to recommend the best place for tasty budget-friendly tapas away from the main tourist areas, there’s a strong chance they’ll suggest you head for the Carrer de Blai in Poble Sec. The street is practically the El Dorado of tapas, and more specifically of pinchos (slices of bread with a variety of toppings).

The pedestrian Carrer de Blai is packed with bars and terraces. The counters laden with pinchos will call your name, and you may suddenly feel hunger creeping up on you. Time to give in to temptation…

The route: pinchos and tapas in Poble Sec

In 2012, several bar owners in Poble Sec worked together to create the Ruta de pintxos i tapes del Poble Sec, a tour of budget-friendly bars serving tapas, beer and wine, in order to raise awareness of the quarter’s attractions.

The 2012 initiative was a great success, and was repeated the two following years. A great idea, and a fantastic way to beat the financial crisis!

Unfortunately, the project came to an end in December 2014 – but never fear! We’ve been out and tested several tapas bars along Carrer de Blai. Even without the special prices offered by the Ruta, most things are fairly inexpensive. That said, some bars are better than the others: here’s our list of highlights, which come highly recommended. Ready?

tapas y caña

Tapas trail in Poble Sec: tried and tested destinations

Blai 9

Blai 9, at the top of the street, is very welcoming, with attractive décor, red brick walls and warm lighting. But it’s probably the sight of the colourful pinchos lined up along the bar which will draw you in…

You won’t be disappointed here: the tapas and pinchos are as tasty as they look. The only problem is that you’ll want to try them all! Rule no. 1: take a deep breath, and hold back a bit… it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it, we promise!


When? Every day, 9am – midnight (until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays)
Where? Carrer de Blai, 9
How much? from 1 euro
Why? for attractive and tasty pinchos

Koska Taverna

This Basque bar is almost opposite Blai 9, and also offers a range of sophisticated pinchos (particularly the salmon or aubergine mousse options). If you want more, try the tapas, too – both elegant and tasty!


When? Tuesday – Thursday, 6pm – midnight; Friday, 6pm – 12.30am; Saturday, 12pm – 12.30am; Sunday, 12pm – 5pm.
Where? Carrer de Blai, 8
How much? À partir de 3 euros
Why? For tasty, light tapas choices

L’Atelier de Blai

Original tapas, fresh cuisine, no frills, budget-friendly prices and a relaxed atmosphere… L’Atelier de Blai has everything you could want from a tapas bar! We loved it so much we gave it its own article. In a word: go!


When? Monday to Saturday, 5.30pm – 1am (closed Tuesdays); Sunday, 12pm – 1am
Where? Carrer de Blai 38
How much? From €1
Why? For the warm atmosphere and budget-friendly pinchos

Finally, take a look at our article on the Gran Bodega Saltó, which is also on Carrer Blai! With a varied musical programme, unusual decoration and friendly, bohemian atmosphere, it’s a great place to continue your night out.


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