Uniqlo, Barcelona: Japanese for comfort and style

The Uniqlo story began in Japan in 1984. The brand is part of the Fast Retailing Group, following an economic model based on controlling the whole chain of production, from manufacture to marketing.

Uniqlo is built around the concept of high-quality casual wear, and it’s proven incredibly popular all over the world. Uniqlo Barcelona, the brand’s first store in Spain, opened in September 2017 in a prime location on one of the city’s main shopping thoroughfares, the Passeig de Gràcia.

The Art Nouveau building it’s beautiful, its sumptuous stairwell, which you can see in the photo above, is worth the visit to the store alone.

The Uniqlo philosophy: live better every day

Uniqlo isn’t just a brand – it’s a way of life, intended to increase overall wellbeing, day to day. The idea is simple: basic, well-designed clothes make the wearer feel good, which leads to happiness! 

Uniqlo uses the term “Lifewear” to denote their high-quality, basic pieces. The company aims to shake things up on a daily basis through innovations in product design.

Key pieces

  • Uniqlo clothes are designed to be simple, comfortable and modern.
  • They offer pieces for all ages, from 0 to 99 and up!
  • There’s a wide range of sizes, from XXS to 3XL, so your new “second skin” is bound to be in there somewhere.

Let’s look at the “star of the show”, the famous Uniqlo lightweight down jacket.

  • It’s super-light, super-soft, super-fine, super-warm and super-easy to wear.
  • It’s available in ten different colours, is showerproof, and can be packed away into a small bag – so we can add “ultra-compact” to our list of “ultras”!
  • The price is very reasonable: arounnd 70 euros for the ever-popular long-sleeved version.
  • There are several variants on offer, with or without a collar, hood, sleeves, in different lengths, fitted or loose.

It can be worn as a jacket or an extra layer, and is popular with everyone, from skaters to businessmen (and women).

The Uniqlo range is extensive, so it’s easy to create your own style and build up a whole new wardrobe, from socks to hats with everything inbetween!

Uniqlo display shelves

  • We also have a soft spot for the Merino wool sweaters – fine, lightweight, warm and oh-so-strokeable. Mmmmmm, Merino…
  • The Uniqlo U/Christophe Lemaire collection is well worth a look, offering minimalist styling in vintage colours and flattering cuts.

Corporate responsibility

The Uniqlo philosophy doesn’t just apply to making and selling clothes, and the company is also involved in a number of environmental and charitable initiatives.

It distributes used clothes to people in need, whilst also supporting universities, programmes for young people, and children’s organisations. Uniqlo is also committed to eliminating toxic chemicals from its production processes.

Uniqlo: used clothing distribution

  • Quick tip: the Uniqlo store in Barcelona is immense, with over 1700 m2 of floor space spread over 4 floors. Try not to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of choice on offer, or by the floor-to-ceiling displays! Simply relax and take the time to find something that’s just perfect for you.
  • A second 1200 m2 Uniqlo shop opened in November 2017 at the Glòries shopping center. The good news? It includes a Uniqlo Kids collection!

Happy shopping!

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