Barcelona’s Verdi cinema showing films in their original language

Verdi cinema

The Verdi and Verdi Park, located just a few feet from each other in the heart of the pretty Gràcia area are two arthouse cinemas beloved of Barcelona’s people. All year long they offer quality Spanish and international films.

Films at the Verdi cinema

We recommend you take a look at the Verdi’s upcoming screenings. It’s a very interesting selection and all films are shown in their original language with subtitles.

Two Verdi cinemas in Barcelona: the Verdi and the Verdi Park

The Gràcia area is lucky enough to have two Verdi cinemas.

  • The Verdi is located in one of the busiest streets in the area at Carrer Verdi, 32
  • Verdi Park is a little more hidden in a neighbouring street at Carrer Torrijos, 49

Cinema prices at Verdi and Verdi Park

  • Standard price: €8
  • Weekend, holiday and eve of holiday: €9
  • Reduced price: €7  ( carnet Jove, students and over 60s)
  • Audience day : (Monday): €6
  • Morning: €6
  • Friends of Verdi: €6

Book your tickets to the Verdi

Book a few days in advance on the website by clicking here.

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We get the picture, so let’s go! 😉 But what film is showing tonight?

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