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If you want to see the most of Barcelona in a short space of time, and you love driving a scooter, then Vesping is made for you, so get ready to hit the streets!

vesping vespa

metro: Sagrada Familia (L2 L5)
Passatge Simó 24-26
Sagrada Familia


april-october: every day from 9:30am to 8:30pm
November-March: every day from 10am to74pm

How much?

from 45 euros


To see as much as possible in a short time

roman holidaySince 1946, the refined allure and pleasant driving offered by the Vespa has captured the imagination of people looking to shake off all constraints and to get around in perfect freedom.

Just a stone’s throw from the Sagrada Familia, a small business called Vesping offers a high-quality service. We tested their Vespa hire for you and we have given it our approval!
If you want to feel like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, grab yourself a Vespa and enjoy a superb Barcelona holiday!


Barcelona by Vespa is very pleasant

Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities where you see the greatest number of scooters and motorbikes.

Why? It’s simple! The climate is mild and parking is expensive if you pay by the hour. Two-wheeled vehicles are therefore a great solution for getting around the city’s streets and to avoid waiting around for public transport.

Vesping cares about your safety

The Vespas provided by Vesping are in excellent condition and often new. But be careful! Although renting a scooter is easy, driving it is another matter. That is why Vesping only rents Vespas to experienced drivers who are over 21.

If you’ve never driven a scooter before, you won’ be able to hire a Vespa from them. This rule is for everyone’s benefit, as there is a lot of traffic on the streets of Barcelona and it is difficult and even dangerous to get around if you are not used to driving on two wheels.

If this is the case for you we recommend you instead for hiring electric bikes, which is also a very fast and pleasant solution.

Vesping staff are competent and speak multiple languages

Vesping staff are affable, polyglot and ready to listen. They will take the time to explain to you how the different services work and if you don’t have a particular plan the person renting you your Vespa  will tell you about some possible routes around different areas of Barcelona.

They will let you know all the top tips…

  • A great things about Vesping is that, like local friends, the staff will give you good advice, and top tips for restaurants and bars and tours that they have tried themselves in their free time.

This is a great way to find out about hidden corners of the city that even some locals don’t know about!

drawing vespa

All Vespas are fitted with GPS with built in routes

For those without a sense of direction, all the Vespas have a GPS located on the handle.

  • We loved this fast and effective navigation system, as it prevents you from wasting time during the day and eliminates the stress of getting lost and makes driving easier!

vesping GPS Barcelona

Using the GPS, you can access a number of pre-programmed routes through Barcelona, that will take you through pretty parts of the city or beautiful countryside.

  • It is easy to adapt the route to your taste or to change course while driving.

You can also do guided Vespa tours

Vesping also offers 6-hour guided tours of Barcelona, which involves following a guide around the streets of Barcelona over about 60kms.

Vesping also organises routes outside of Barcelona (Montserrat, Sitges…), which is a super effective and fun way to see the countryside and the most places in the shortest space of time!

Prices to start your engine

The prices shown on the website include the hire of a Vespa in excellent condition (for one or two people), one or two helmets, a tank of petrol, a GPS, an anti-theft lock and third-party insurance.

If you rent a 50 cc Vespa  for 6 hours you will pay around 45 euros.

There is also a deposit which will be reimbursed once you’ve returned the Vespa in good condition.

It is also possible to pick up and drop off your Vespa from outside your home

If you are in a hurry you can ask Vesping to deliver your Vespa to your accommodation on the day of your arrival. This additional service is also available for your departure. Very useful!

Convinced? In that case…

On your Vespa!

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