Vita Gastro Bar in Gràcia: for a delicious tapas and cinema session in Barcelona

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Up for dinner in the lively Gràcia area? Enjoy the tapas at the Vita Gastro Bar before or after your film at the Verdi!

vita gastro bar

metro: Fontana (L3)
Verdi 31


12:30pm to 1:30am Saturday Sunday and holidays
6:30pm to 1:30am Monday to Friday

How much?

between 20 and 35 euros


for its creative tasty tapas

Nestled among the bars and restaurants in Verdi street, the cinema of the same name attracts fans of good films in their original language. Having tried out a number of places in the area we were one day pleasantly surprised by Vita Gastro Bar, located just opposite the Verdi cinema. So let us tell you about it!

Vita Gastro Bar setting

You couldn’t be closer to the Verdi cinema. From one of the tables at the entrance you can even watch the ticket booth open or the queue forming in front of the cinema. Which is useful if you haven’t booked your tickets in advance!

Inside, the walls are waxed concrete, the furniture is made from recovered materials and the lamps are made from copper, all working together to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere that might make you want to linger at your table or at the bar.

vita-gastro-bar interior (bar and room)

Vita Gastro bar’s menu

Vita Gastro bar’s menu offers fusion Mediterranean cuisine. Its array of tapas is tempting and varied.

Depending on your whim you can choose from a plethora of hot or cold tapas, mixed salads and platillos (portion halfway between a tapa and a main course).

We particularly liked Vita Gastro Bar’s exotic and fruity star salad, made from avocado, mango, strawberry and almonds and enhanced with a succulent passion fruit sauce. Yum!

vita gastro bar salad

Original and well-presented in a little glass pot, we were also pleasantly surprised by the brie panacotta dressed with dried tomatoes and olives.

We were also pretty convinced by the flavour of the beef carpaccio with pears, sesame and pine nuts.

vita gastro bar panacotta

vita gastro bar carpaccio

We weren’t unmoved either by the croquettes, crispy tomato bread or the salmon tartar with mustard ice cream.

Finally the icing on the cake was the Crema Catalana mousse, which is made to completely win over anyone with a sweet tooth. Here’s a photo to make you drool a little…


Vita Gastro Bar’s prices

Given the creativity and beauty coming out of the Vita Gastro Bar kitchen, the prices are completely reasonable.

If you have trouble deciding what to order, go for the set menu at around 25 euros including wine and offering an assortment of the day’s tapas.

We have always chosen à la carte and it doesn’t make it too expensive. Tapas cost between 1.60 and 10 euros and the platillos between 5 and 15 euros.

The wine menu offers a wide array of good bottles of red, white, rosé and cava, with prices ranging from 10 to 30 euros. Cocktail fans can treat themselves for the reasonable sum of 5 to 10 euros.


That’s not all but we must go as our film is about to start at the Verdi! Enjoy your meal!

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