Barcelona Night Card: 22 clubs for the price of one

Barcelona Night Card

Attention all clubbers! The Barcelona Night Card gives you access to 22 of the city’s clubs for a single payment of 10 or 20 euros.

The Barcelona Night Card: what is it?

The principle behind the Barcelona Night Card is very simple: you simply buy a card which then gives you free access to 22 of the city’s nightlife venues.

Advantages of the Barcelona Night Card

  • Huge savings if you’re planning more than one night out (for example, entry to the Sutton alone costs 20 euros)
  • Queue jumping privileges: no more waiting!
  • The number of participating clubs
  • Two options: the 20 euro card gets you unlimited access to 22 clubs for 7 days, whilst the 10 euro option offers the same benefits but for a period of 2 days.


  • The card must be used over 2 or 7 consecutive days – so you’re not going to be able to use it on two different weekends.
  • You must be over 18 or 21, depending on the club you want to go to.
  • You’ll need to arrive at the club before 2am.
  • The Barcelona Night Card is personal and non-transferable.
  • Cards must be collected from one of Barcelona’s tourist information centres by presenting your confirmation email.
  • Note that the Barcelona Night Card is not valid in cases where the club in question is hosting a special event (New Year’s Eve, concerts, celebrity DJs etc.) – but this is relatively rare.

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Clubs accepting the Barcelona Night Card

The following is a non-exhaustive list of clubs accepting the Barcelona Night Card:

  • Shôko: hip-hop and R&B, lots of foreign tourist, by the sea.
  • Catwalk: a nice venue on the beach at the olympic Port with an international vibe.
  • Sutton: chic nightclub which attracts Barcelona’s gilded youth.
  • Small’s (formerly Boujis): a small, friendly but selective club, very popular with the locals.
  • Soho: club directed by the Costaeste (Pacha, Opium, Bling bling…), current music, new york style decor.
  • Carpa: outdoor club with an eletric atmosphere and a giant pool. Open from June to September.
  • Otto zutz: 3 different ambiances (hip hop and R&B, rock, electro) across 2 rooms, popular with bost tourists and locals.
  • Moog: the upstairs area is devoted to pop music, but the club is best known for its cutting edge techno and house music.
  • Arena: gigantic gay club with 5 different zones, known for its foam parties on Wednesdays in summer and its striptease competitions. Caliente!
  • Atlantic: a beautiful, hundred-year old residence set in its own grounds, with music from the 80s and 90s. Note that the club is sometimes reserved for private functions.
  • BeCool: a smaller club, veruy popular with the local indie electro community.
  • Bikini: quasi-mythical club opened in the 1950s and divided into several zones: salsa/latino, house/hip-hop and an exclusive cocktail bar.
  • Boulevard Culture Club: located on Las Ramblas, this club is almost exclusively frequented by tourists. Chart music, drinks more expensive than average.
  • Macarena: one of the big players on Barcelona’s electro scene, despite its diminutive size.
  • Les enfants: lots of fun (and lots of students!), eclectic playlist.
  • Piratas: wacky décor (including a life-sized pirate ship and staff in fancy dress).
  • City Hall: a handsome venue in a former theatre, with a lovely terrace and an international vibe.
  • Nick Havanna: chart music and a fairly young crowd (lots of under-23s).
  • The Room: chart music and hits from the ’80s and ’90s, with an exclusive feel focusing on the 30-to-55 age bracket.
  • El latino club: located in a theatre on Las Ramblas, El latino club is a welcoming and fairly intimate venue with an eclectic playlist.
  • Costa Breve: chart hits and the biggest tunes of the last few decades. Young, local and fairly exclusive crowd.
  • Teatre principal: housed in Barcelona’s oldest theatre, the venue wears several hats, including that of an electro night club attracting tourists and Erasmus students.

For the full list, click here.


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