Cost of living in Barcelona: planning your budget

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Trying to plan your budget for your trip to Barcelona? It can be a prickly endeavour. Here are a few indicators to help you define your expenses. Have your change ready!

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Whether you’re coming to Barcelona to live, or for holidays, one of the most important steps in preparing your arrival is defining your budget for when you’re there. We have created a list of expenses to give you an idea of prices.

These are average prices based on our experience, not an exact indicator: they can vary depending on the area or the season for example.

Accommodation Budget in Barcelona

  • A room in shared accommodation : €300-500/month
  • Studio: €600-800/month
  • Apartment: 85 square metres: €1200/month
  • Charges for an apartment of 85 square metres (water, gas, electricity): €120/month
  • Internet: €35/month
  • Telephone (subscription): €20-50/month
  • Youth hostel: €10-20/night
  • Hotel 2-3 stars: €60-80/night
  • Hotel 4 stars: from €100-130/night
  • Tourist apartment for 6 people: around €150/night

Transport Budget in Barcelona

metro drawing

  • Metro-bus: €2.20/ individual ticket
  • 10  metro-bus tickets: €10.20
  • Monthly metro-bus ticket: €54
  • Bicing (annual subscription): €50
  • Taxi (average journey in the city): €10
  • Parking subscription: €150-200/month
  • Parking metre (blue zone): €5 for 2 hours

Food budget in Barcelona

  • Basic monthly shopping: €200/pers.
  • Baguette: €1.10
  • Milk: €0.90 per litre
  • Eggs: €1.70 a dozen
  • Apples: €1.40 per kilo
  • Table wine (bottle): €4.50
  • Mineral water (1.5l bottle): €0.50

Leisure and restaurant budget in Barcelona

  • Full breakfast menu: €10-15
  • Draught beer: €2.50
  • Mojito: €5
  • Glass of wine: €3.50
  • A coffee: €1.40
  • Cinema ticket: €9 (much less at the Filmoteca)
  • Entry to night club: €8-20 with a drink
  • Concert ticket: €15-50
  • Gym: €50/month

Health Budget in Barcelona:

  • General doctor:€50
  • Specialist (dermatologist, gynecologist…): €50-60
  • Physiotherapist: €50
  • Pharmacies are quite expensive in Barcelona, particularly for hygiene products

Note however that health insurance takes care of a large number of your treatments if you don’t want to go to a private doctor.

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