Taxis in Barcelona: information, prices and access

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Taxis are easy to spot in Barcelona, with their distinctive yellow and black livery. If it’s not yellow and black, then it’s not a registered vehicle – don’t use it!

Taking a taxi in Barcelona

From the airport

Getting into Barcelona

by taxi is very straightforward: just follow the “taxi” signs in the airport. Child’s play!

  • Would you like to book your taxi online? Booktaxi offers a taxi service from the Barcelona airport. It’s a quality service, the cars are comfortable and the prices are reasonable.

  • The Welcome pick up website also offers a transport service from the Barcelona airport. The prices are very competitive and they include cars adapted for people with reduced mobility.  

In town

Like everywhere, the easiest way of finding a taxi is to hail one in the street. Note that drivers are only allowed to stop under certain conditions:

  • The taxi is available and has not been reserved
  • You’re more than 50m from a taxi rank. This rule makes things fairer for the drivers queuing at the rank!


  • Drivers can refuse to take passengers who are clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who they feel may damage their vehicle. Understandable!
  • Animals may or may not be allowed at the driver’s discretion.
  • Guide dogs are always admitted, and wheelchairs will always be transported.

small taxi

Prices and payment

Taxi prices in Barcelona

Taking a taxi in Barcelona is more expensive than the metro, but it’s still relatively affordable. There’s a flat fee of just under 3 euros, after which rates depend on the place and time you take the taxi.

  • Prices in the city are lower than outside.
  • Taxis are more expensive from 8pm – 8am on weekdays, and all day at the weekend.
  • The average price for a transfer from the airport to the city centre is between 25 and 30 euros.
  • The average price for a trip inside the city is around 10 euros.

Check that the meter is working and visible. On weekdays, the T1 tariff should be selected. In the evening or at the weekend, the T2 tariff applies.

All taxis charge the same rates, which are fixed by the city. They’re generally displayed on the back window.

  • Hint: if you’re planning on taking a taxi in the city, try to carry change or low-value notes, as drivers rarely carry large amounts of cash.

You may need to pay certain supplements, notably for services to and from the airport or the port, as you’ll see from our article Arriving in Barcelona by cruise ship.

  • There’s also a supplement of around €2.60 per item of luggage carried in the boot.

Calculating the price of a journey in or around Barcelona

Lost property in taxis

If you leave something in your taxi, call +34 902 101 564 from Monday to Friday, 8am – 8pm to register the loss. You can also email ob*********@am*.cat .

  • Remember to ask for a receipt each time you take a taxi, which will make things easier if you lose something or in case of problems.


If you think your taxi driver has overcharged, keep hold of your receipt! You should also make a note of the price you paid, the journey and the registration number of the vehicle, then fill out this form online. If your complaint is upheld, you may get your money back.

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