Chök Barcelona: a love letter to chocolate

kronut Chök Barcelona

Chök is a gourmet, original, colourful, historical and modern place all at the same time. It is also a chocolate temple.

Chök is a historical place

Although it’s quite recent (it opened in August 2013), Chök is the site of a historic chocolate shop dating from the 19th Century. Modernist in style, this venue is rich in sculpted wood and glass. It’s a real little gem!

This unique place is divided into several parts: first the colourful and appetising bar, then the space with a round table for customers, and then the kitchen, a real treasure chest where delicious sweets are made before your eyes.

Chök is a bakery

Why was I irresistibly attracted to Chök? It’s simple: the cakes in the window are so appealing that you just have to stop and admire them a few moments.

Kronuts, macaroons and biscuits

Originality is key, as at Chök you can buy kronuts (halfway between a croissant and a donut) for less than 3 euros. Also on the bar are small and large macaroons and little biscuits filled with chocolate. It’s a little mouth-watering.

The specialty: the chök

The star of the show, however, is the little thing that gave the place its name: the chök! It looks like a donut (a type of fritter in a ring shape) but it contains less sugar and fat. Frying time is also less, making it a lot lighter.

All the chöks are covered in white or dark chocolate and sprinkled with fruits, flavoured chocolate chips or something else. There is a total of 30 possible combinations! What they have in common is they are all made in the store with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Yum!

chok donuts

At Chök, you can also find handmade truffles, chocolate lollipops and bombones (little morsels of chocolate).

The flavours are varied and original: coconut, champagne, fruit and more. Little test: taste and see if you can guess what flavour your sweet is!

chocolate lollipops chök

Chök does sweets

Chök also makes chocolate covered marshmallows which all sweet-lovers will adore…and since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll leave one here:

chamalloz chök

And even more…

At Chök, you will also find a little chocolate grocers’ with bars, chocolate tagliatelle, biscuits and who knows what else.

And if you speak Spanish, why not join in one of the cooking workshops, where you can learn all kinds of recipes for…chocolate obviously! Classes are done in small groups and cost around 30 euros per person for 2 hours. All the information is available on the Chök website.

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