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Empanadas in Barcelona: our favourite spots for lunch on the go!

colourful empanadas Las Muns

Just imagine: you’re strolling through the picturesque side-streets of Barcelona’s Old Town when hunger strikes. You don’t really want to spend valuable sight-seeing time sat in a restaurant – well, not today, anyway. What you need is a hot, tasty stop-gap: empanadas! Like cornish pasties without the Boris Johnson connection, these delicious morsels can be enjoyed as a sit-down meal, on the go, or even sat on a handy bench… you get the picture.

La Fábrica de las empanadas argentinas Empanadas La fabrica

As the name suggests, this Argentinian “factory” specialises in empanadas: they make hundreds of them every day, in 24 different varieties!

Go into the pretty shop, with its warm wood decor, and a difficult choice awaits you: faced with trays of golden empanadas in a whole host of enticing forms and flavour combinations, it’s not going to be easy to pick just one.

  • Obviously, we did have to choose, but fortunately, we live just round the corner, so we’ve been back several times! 

  • Our favourites include the beef in beer, the thai curry and coconut, the spiced tuna, the spinach and bechamel, and the provolone, aubergine and pesto versions.

The Fábrica offers fantastic value for money: €1.80 for an empanada. There are also various offers available, including 3 empanadas and a drink for €6.50, or 12 empanadas (that’s a lot of empanadas!) for 20 euros.

  • The Fábrica also sells other Argentinian specialities, including chimichurri sauce and the sweet, caramel-like dulce de leche de Concha.

There are three Fábricas de las Empanadas in various parts of Barcelona, tripling your chances of stumbling upon one by accident!

The shop offers a takeaway service and also delivers.

  • Where? Carrer del Call, 19, 08002 Gòtic
                      Plaça de la Llana, 15, 08003 Born
                      Avenue de Sarrià, 15, 08029 Eixample
  • When? Every day, 11am – 11pm
  • How much? From €1.80
  • Why? For the 24 different flavour options

Las Muns, home of colourful empanadas colourful empanadas Les Muns

This empanada shop was opened by a group of foodie friends with the aim of offering easy, healthy, gourmet cuisine. The empanadas are made from fresh ingredients, with no artificial colours or preservatives.

The dough is kneaded and rolled by hand in the traditional manner, then coloured with natural ingredients – that’s how you know it’s a Muns empanada!

  • We recommend the green empanada, stuffed with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil; the yellow empanada, featuring pork in beer and apple sauce; and the brown empanada, stuffed with smoked tofu fumé, quinoa and cumin.

The empanadas will set you back between €2.50 and €3.50, but the portions are generous and the flavours original. Pick your own favourite!

  • Check out the special offers – for example 2 empanadas, a salad and a drink for €9.90. 
  • Room for dessert? Try the sweet apple and cinnamon empanada for something a bit different!  

The original Muns opened in 2012, and more have sprung up all over the city since then. Some have space to eat in, or you can have your empanadas delivered.

  • Where? Carrer de Sancho de Ávila 171, Poblenou
                      Carrer de Ferlandina 37, Raval
                      Ronda de San Pere 27, Born
                      Carrer de Casanova 189,  Eixample
                      L’Illa shopping centre, Avinguda Diagonal 577
                      Carrer de Verdi 29, Gracia
  • When? Every day, noon – 11pm, except the Poblenou branch which is closed from 4.30 – 7pm and the Diagonal branch which is open from 9.30am – 9.30pm.
  • How much? From €2.50
  • Why? For colourful, tasty treats

Rekons: empanadas like your (imaginary) Argentinian grandmother made

Empanadas Rekons

There’s a secret ingredient in the empanadas at Rekons: love! (Everybody say aaaahhhhh…) The owner came to Barcelona from Argentina with fond memories of the empanadas his grandma made every Sunday, and Rekons is his way of spreading the love.

  • Don’t miss the classics, including the spicy beef and cheese and onion options – there’s something for everyone, from dedicated carnivores to veggies.
  • The menu also features more original offerings, including chicken with prunes, courgette and almonds, or celery, roquefort and walnut.

Rekons also represents great value for money: an empanada will set you back €2.10, or you can get 3 special empanadas for €3.90.

  • The Kilombo meal deal includes a salad, 2 empanadas, a soft drink and coffee for around €11.

As with the other options, you can choose to eat in or take away.

  • Where? Comte d’Urgell 32 in San Antoni
  • When? 10am to midnight every day except Tuesday, when Rekons only opens at 6.30pm
  • How much? From €2.10
  • Why? To taste the love!

So… which is it to be?

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