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No, your eyes aren't deceiving you! It is possible to park in Barcelona for free. Can't say better than that!

free parking Barcelona

in the Pedralbes quarter


weekdays from 7pm

How much?



for budget-friendly parking

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you! It is possible to park for free in Barcelona, for as long as you like and without having to move your car every so often.

Free on-street parking

City centre: for cars, no chance…except at certain times

Bikers rejoice: there are plenty of free parking spaces for motorbikes in central Barcelona. If you’re travelling by car, though, free parking is harder to come by.

Avoid green zones

If you’re planning on parking in the city centre, note that wherever you park, you’ll have to pay. We recommend avoiding green zones at all costs: these spaces are reserved for residents. They’re expensive, and you may find non-residents are barred from parking there.

Avoid blue zones during the day

Parking in blue zones is somewhat cheaper than in green zones, and is free from 8pm to 8am. In certain areas, you can also park for free between 2 and 4 pm, but make sure you check. If you find a space, you should be able to stay for a few hours – for example, the time it takes you to get comfortable in your chosen accommodation. Just keep an eye on the time!

If you want to be sure of finding somewhere to park in the centre of Barcelona or near your accommodation, our favourite approach is to go through Parclick which offers reduced-price parking across Barcelona. A practical, stress-busting solution!

In Barcelona, the “grua”, the local tow truck, does regular rounds, and is particularly thorough in its work – particularly in the case of foreign vehicles, since towing makes sure that fines will be paid. It’s important to be very careful about where you park if you want to find your car exactly where you left it. The fine is also sizeable: around €150 to “liberate” your car, plus €20 for each day the vehicle spends in the yard.

If your car does get towed, see our article Impounded in Barcelona: where and how to get your car back


Around the monastery of Pedralbes and the Lycée Français

Pedralbes, in the north-east corner of Barcelona, is a quiet residential area where on-street parking is free in many places.

  • Top tip: If you’re looking for somewhere to park in this area, it’s best to go at the weekend or after 7pm. During office hours on weekdays, it’s nigh-on impossible to find a spot.

Try your luck: parking is free above the Lycée Français, or off to the other side of the avenue de Pedralbes and around the monastery. The risk of break-ins or damage to your car is low. We’ve often left our car in this area and have never experienced problems.

If you’re coming into Barcelona from the north, follow directions for the airport, then for the “rondes” (ring roads); take the Ronda de Dalt and come off at exit 10 for Pedralbes.

  • The only drawback to parking in this area is that it’s some way from central Barcelona.

From Pedralbes, take a bus (no. 63, 78, 64, 22, 75), the tourist bus (from in front of the monastery), the ferrocarril (line 6, station Reina Elisenda, 5-10 minute walk) or the métro, station Maria Cristina  (line 3, a good 10-15 minute walk) to wherever you’re staying.

Warning: avoid match days at Camp Nou

  • On days when Barça are playing, a lot of supporters park in this area and walk down to Camp Nou. This is not the time to be looking for a parking space.
  • During the Godó tennis tournament, which takes place in April-May Real Club next to the Lycée Français, many of the roads are shut, so you can forget about parking in the quarter.

If it’s peace of mind you’re looking for, we have some tips on finding underground parking spaces at bargain prices: The best places to park in Barcelona: plan ahead to save.

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