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Private guided tours: Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation with children

Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation

Barcelona is a city packed with surprises, a great place to visit as a family. Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation are particularly good sites to explore with children, offering a healthy dose of culture in a pleasant, green setting with relatively limited traffic.

The museums and parks of Montjuïc also offer a whole host of fun and educational activities for younger visitors.

Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation: a guided tour designed with children in mind

Miró Foundation Barcelona

Touring Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation, you’ll discover the work of an artist who particularly appeals to children, with his use of bright colours and pleasing round shapes scattered throughout its works. The Miró Foundation is one of the most popular destinations for school trips in Barcelona, and for good reason!

  • Children are often struck by the contrast between Miró’s serious appearance and dress – he always wore a tie – and his fun, colourful paintings and sculptures. Miró offers us a view into a childlike imaginary world which appeals to young and old alike.
  • The rest of the tour offers a healthy dose of fresh air, far from the hustle and bustle of the city! Discover Mediterranean plants, see Barcelona from above, and take the time to simply play in some of Montjuïc’s many parks.

The private tour

The tour starts at the Miró Foundation, where the guide will take you on a journey into the artist’s world, with simple and accessible explanations. The focus is on some of Miró’s favourite themes: the countryside, nature, the Mediterranean and simplicity.

Next stop is the Parc Joan Brossa, a ten-minute walk away, to discover this original and fun-loving poet, whose visual poems can be found scattered throughout the city. The park is a particularly good place to visit as a family, with a whole host of sound-games to discover… but we don’t want to give too much away!

Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation: Parc Joan Brossa

The park and museum are the two main elements of the tour, but the guide will also show you the Olympic Stadium, the Palau Sant Jordi, the Catalan National Musem of Art (from the outside) and the Plaça Espanya. A packed programme with something for everyone!

Montjuïc and the Miró Foundation: useful information

Private tour prices

It goes without saying that you’ll be the only family or group taking the tour, led by your very own guide, who will be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

  • Tours for groups of between 1 and 6 cost €195 (not including museum entry fees).
  • For groups of 7 or more, contact us for a competitive quote.

You’ll also need to pay for tickets to the Miró foundation:

  • €12 for over-30s
  • €7 for visitors aged 15-30 or over 65
  • Free entry for under-15s
  • Free entry for holders of an Articketbcn
  • To optimise sound quality and limit noise within the museum, the Miró Foundation requires the use of headphones for guided tours. Rental costs €1/person.
  • For added peace of mind, we recommend buying fast-track tickets ahead of time:

Private guided tours: times and duration

The tour lasts 3 hours. There are no fixed days or times – just let us know when you want to visit, and the guide will be in touch to finalise your booking!

Enjoy your tour!

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