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Guzzo: a refined gastronomic and cultural spot in Barcelona

Guzzo inside

Located in the lower part of Barcelona, the Born quarter is home to many designer shops, art galleries and boho-style bars. If you’re looking for somewhere unusual to have a drink, a bite to eat or even see a concert, head for Guzzo!

Guzzo: the venue

The décor at Guzzo has been described as urban, elegant, sophisticated, cutting-edge, modern and harmonious, amongst other things! Comforable sofas and coffee tables in the entrance hall are great for relaxing, whilst the colourful, decorated tables further in are just perfect for drinks or a meal.

Going past the bar, follow the passageway to the back room and fall under the charm of the soft lighting, bright frescoes and mismatched furniture.

At Guzzo, “taste” doesn’t just apply to the food!

Guzzo table

Guzzo: the menu


The food at Guzzo is definitely out of the ordinary: the dishes on offer are exotic, bursting with flavours from far-away lands.

Options include guacamole, mexican-style gambas, stir fries, tuna or salmon tataki, and delicious ceviches, which come with our seal of approval. A treat for the eyes and the palate: tender and juicy fish, surrounded by an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, creating a cool and spectacular multi-coloured taste explosion!

Guzzo food


If cocktails are your thing, then you’ve come to the right place! Guzzo offers a whole range of cocktails, centering around vodka, tequila, gin, rum and whisky. We haven’t tried them, but our friends are big fans!

The restaurant also serves wine, spritzes, beer, cava and champagne alongside fruit juices, sodas and water.

Guzzo: prices

Guzzo isn’t the sort of place to go if you’re looking for really cheap eats – for that, see our list of places to eat for under 5 euros in Barcelona. The prices are very reasonable, though, with starters for around €6, mains from €8 – 12, cocktails from €8 – 10, and wines and beers for €3 – 4. Given the impressive setting, the quality and the originality of the dishes on offer, that seems like a pretty good offer!

Guzzo cocktails

Guzzo: added extras

  • The venue has a terrace which overlooks the esplanade in front of the Born Cultural Centre. It’s a pedestrianized area, so you won’t be bothered by traffic noise.
  • The staff are friendly and helpful – service with a smile!
  • The  bread (great) and water are included in the price, something which is fairly unusual for Barcelona.
  • Guzzo is open every day, and serves brunch on Sundays.


Guzzo: a cultural hub

Looking for somewhere to discover new things of an evening? Guzzo plays host to a variety of events throughout the week. Recent options have included concerts, parties, clothing swap-shops, designer sales and themed dinners.

Thanks to Charlotte for the tip!

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