Koku Kitchen: fusion flavours with an Asian influence in Barcelona

Koku Kitchen chicken skewers

If you enjoy new flavours as much as new experiences, then Barcelona is a great destination for you, with a vast array of culinary options. From traditional and local cuisine to more exotic and even molecular versions, you’re sure to find something to treat your curious tastebuds!

Tucked away in the Born, Koku Kitchen specialises in fusion cuisine, with all the finesse we’ve come to expect from Asian gastronomy.

Koku Kitchen: come fly with us

The Koku Kitchen speciality: the Bun

Koku Kitchen is proud to present… (drumroll)… the Bun! Nothing like the soft bread rolls found across Europe and the US,  these are hirata bun, a Japanese speciality. They’re steamed, giving them a soft, light consistency, and have a distinctive oval shape which sets them apart from their European cousins.

koku kitchen bun

Rest assured, though, you won’t just be eating bread! Buns are like tacos – you choose your ingredients and fill them yourself.

  • We went for the mushroom option: tender and aromatic, perfect with the peanut sauce and radish slices served alongside.

We were particularly impressed by the presentation! The buns are served in traditional bamboo baskets (designed to keep in the steam and the heat), with fillings served on a range of little plates or in jars, all served together on a pretty board.

koku kitchen board

Other specialities

The other star of the show at Koku Kitchen is the Don (nothing to do with The Godfather, honest). The Don is a big bowl of rice and egg, topped with a whole host of oriental ingredients, including fish and crisp vegetables.

It’s amazing how just one dish can contain so many flavours – that’s the magic of gastronomy in action!

  • To start the evening off on the right note, we recommend getting the chicken and miso butter skewers or the tempura wings to start.
  • Finish your meal with the green tea cheesecake – we promise you won’t regret it!

koku kitchen cheesecake


For a return journey to Asia, the prices are pretty impressive! Allow around 10 euros for a Bun, 9 euros for a Don. Starters cost between €3.50 and €6, with desserts around the €5 mark.

Useful information

  • The buns are tasty, but not particularly filling. If you’re very hungry, we recommend getting a starter and/or dessert as well, or getting the more substantial Don instead.
  • There’s another Koku Kitchen in the Gothic Quarter: Koku Kitchen Ramen. We haven’t been yet, but it’s high on our list!
  • Due to its popularity, the restaurant fills up fast. It’s a good idea to book, especially at the weekend and in the evening.
  • Where next? We recommend stopping off at Guzzo, just down the street, for drinks.

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