La Besnéta, a local vegan bakery in Barcelona

Besnéta pastries

Once up on a time there was a young Argentinian who, from a very young age, showed extraordinary culinary talents. She was passionate about desserts, and she passed her passion on to her descendants. From her house flowed great bakers and confectioners who opened restaurants all over Argentina.

This youngster (not so young anymore) was the baker who inspired Daniela, la “besnéta” (granddaughter in Catalan), when she and her partner decided to open their own bakery in Gràcia.

The Besnéta philosophy

This is the first vegan bakery in the neighborhood and the project was born in response to a growing demand in the Catalan capital. Its aim was to show that it is possible to satisfy even the sweetest cravings without using any animal products.

chocolate muffins Besnéta

Where to find Besnéta

The bakery is located right in the heart of Gràcia, and fits in perfectly with the surrounding bohemian, alternative atmosphere. The store contains an enormous display and the delicious cakes are all completely handmade at street level in view of anyone who passes by. Which is a great way to show off their traditional cooking, with absolutely no secrets!

  • In the same neighbourhood you can also find Vegetart, a vegan takeaway shop.

Besnéta’s produce

  • Besnéta only uses fresh, local, seasonal products to guarantee the best possible quality.
  • They offer gluten-free or sugar-free products to order.
  • As there is only one bakery, they cannot provide 100% gluten free products are there may be traces of gluten
  • It is possible to place a completely personalized order. Simply ask for your heart’s desire and they will make it a reality!

carrot cake Besnéta

Besnéta’s prices

The aim is to create products that are accessible to all budgets. And given the quality and originality of the products, the prices are very reasonable!

  • Expect to pay less than 2 euros for a muffin, and a little more for a cupcake (I tried the one in the top picture and it almost brought me to tears! 😉
  • A slice of cake will cost you between 3 and 6 euros. OK, it’s not cheap but you have to consider the quality, as well as the exquisite presentation. I went for the carrot, cream and biscuit cake in the above photo, and it was an excellent choice…just thinking about it makes my mouth water!

They also make cakes, cookies and practically anything you could want, to order. Simply tell them what you want and what your budget is, and they will create something just for you! It can also make a delicious surprise for someone! 🙂

Because everyone likes cake, right?

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