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La Vermu: paradise for vermouth lovers in Barcelona


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If you're looking for a place with a local feel where you can enjoy a delicious glass of vermouth head straight to La Vermu! You won't be sorry!

La Vermu entrance

Carrer de Sant Domènec, 15
Metro: Diagonal (L3, L5)


Monday to Friday: 6:30pm to 12:30am
Saturday and Sunday: 12:30pm-4:30pm and 7:30pm-12:30amd

How much?

Less than 2 euros for a vermouth


For homemade vermouth

It’s 1pm and it’s the weekend, which means it’s time for vermouth! It’s true that as we note in this article, vermouth did not originate in Catalonia, but during the 20th Century it became so popular that the Catalan expression “anar a fer un vermut”, meaning to go and drink a vermouth, became widely used.

In Barcelona you can find it everywhere and in fact there are many bars that sell home made vermouth, which is obviously vastly superior!

  • If you have trouble choosing where to go, we can point you in the direction of our secret favorite (just don’t tell the others).

La Vermu: location

La Vermu is located in the very appealing and authentic neighborhood of Gràcia, specifically in the Plaça de la Vila, one of the area’s best known sites as it’s also the location of the Gràcia town hall.

La Vermu: when to have Vermouth

vermouth drawing

Although it’s always a good time to enjoy a glass of vermouth, traditionally the best time to gather around a bottle of this special wine is Saturday and Sunday at lunchtime.

You will notice that a large number of bars are bursting with people all year long at this time and all these people (or almost all) have a vermouth in their hand!

La Vermu: what to order

vermouth and chips La Vermu

At La Vermu, the specialty is vermouth, (of course). But they also serve good beer and a few delicious tapas. The food is quite traditional and includes Russian salad and chili peppers…

  • Our favorite is the chips! They’re just as good as the fancier alternatives in many other places and we ordered not one but two portions, as they are very hard to resist. You’ve been warned!

La Vermu: what’s it like inside?

La Vermu bar and menu

The decor perfectly encapsulates the style and aim of the bar. The red color of the entrance (seen in the first photo) and the wooden tables and benches give it an antiquated touch that suits the place down to the ground. You will feel like you’ve been transported to another era!

  • It’s a quiet place suitable for both families and groups of friends.
  • It’s very popular with people from Barcelona observing the vermouth tradition.

Useful information

  • We advise you to get there early (before 1pm) at the weekend as it’s not a very big place and it gets quite full.

Given the exquisite vermouth and the quality of the tapas, it is excellent value!

  • Expect to pay less than two euros for a vermouth and between 2 and 5 euros for tapas.
  • If you can’t find a seat but you you’re very keen to try their vermouth you can also take it home with you!

To sum up, if you’re looking for friendly service, a charming place, good food and delicious vermouth, you can’t go wrong with La Vermu. So what are you waiting for?

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