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Messi and Piqué: 2 of Barça (FC Barcelona)’s star players


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Want to impress your friends with your Barça knowledge? Here are some facts on 2 star players from FC Barcelona: Messi and Piqué!

Messi Camp Nou Barcelona

Here you’ll find a whole heap of information on three key players in FC Barcelona, to help you quickly understand why they are so famous all over the world.

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Lionel Messi, nº10, the best player in the world!

jersey barça-10

Born the 24th of June, 1987 at Rosario in Argentina, Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccitini – known as “Lionel Messi” – is considered the best football player in the world.

He is the only player to have won the FIFA golden ball award four times in a row in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. He won his fifth in 2015.

At FC-Barcelona he plays a striker position and wears the number 10 jersey.

Ten facts about Messi:

  1. As a child, Messi suffered from a shortage of growth hormones. Due to the economic crisis in Argentina and the high cost of treatment, his family decided to move to Barcelona. FC Barcelona took him on as a player and offered to pay for the treatment.
  2. After a one-month trial his first Barça contract was signed on a paper napkin. FC Barcelona didn’t want to waste any time, and had to sign the football prodigy as quickly as possible!
  3. His height (5’5″) and his speed got him the nickname la Pulga (the flea).
  4. At 17 years old, on the 16th of October 2004, he debuted with FC Barcelona, with Dutch coach  Frank Rijkaard.
  5. In 2004, the Spanish national team offered him a position, but he preferred to play for Argentina.
  6. His annual salary is 12.5 million euros and he has a 50 million euro get-out clause in his contract.
  7. With a market value of around 140 millions euros, Messi is the most expensive player in the world, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo (more than 100 million euros).
  8. Messi has always refused to watch his own best-of video.
  9. Messi has set more than 100 world records.
  10. He has 2 children: Thiago (November 2012) and Mateo (September 2015)

messi golden ball

  • He scored 5 goals in the same match in the Champions League (7th of March 2012 against the German Bayer 04 Leverkusen. FC Barcelona won the match 7 – 1)
  • He was the highest scorer in a single season in the premier division (50 goals, season 2011/2012)
  • Best scorer of FC Barcelona in the premier division, Champions league and international championships generally.
  • The youngest player to score a goal during “El Clásico” at a match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid)


Gerard Piqué, nº 3: 100% Barcelona

jersey barça 3

Born on the 2nd of February 1987 in Barcelona, Piqué entered the FC Barcelona team in August 2008.

He started his career with Barça’s second team (FC Barcelona B) but he was transferred in 2004 to Manchester United. To gain experience, Manchester United hired him out to Real Saragossa (Spain) and FC Barcelona finally bought him back in 2008.

He is 6’2″ tall, plays defence and wears jersey number 3.

messi and pique

Five facts about Piqué:

  1. With the Spanish national team he won the World Cup in 2010 and the European Championship in 2012.
  2. Since 2011, he has been in a relationship with the singer Shakira. They have 2 children, Milan (January 2013) and Sasha (November 2016).
  3. Since childhood, Piqué has been friends with Cesc Fàbregas (Barça mid-field).
  4. His grandfather, Amador Bernabeu, was previously vice-president of FC Barcelona.
  5. Traditionally in all matches Piqué plays in a long-sleeved jersey.


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