Sagrada Familia: Antoni Gaudí’s most astounding work of art

Gaudi's spectacular Sagrada Familia is an absolute must-see. How do you want to discover it? On a guided tour, or on your own by buying a queue-jump ticket?

Sagrada Familia

Mallorca 401
metro: Sagrada familia
Sagrada Familia


25th-26th December and 1st and 6th January: 9am - 2pm
April-September: 9am-8pm
March and October: 9am-7pm
November-February: 9am-6pm

How much?

full price: 15 euros


for its extreme originality

How could we describe Sagrada Familia? Extravagant, unexpected, magical, surreal, revolutionary?

Describing somewhere so utterly indescribable as Gaudì’s architectural masterpiece is, understandably, difficut. Sagrada Familia is, quite simply, unique, in a class of its own…

The interior of Sagrada Familia: an absolute must-see

The inside of the basilica is an immense, symbolic forest of tree-like, branching columns, holding up a vaulted ceiling which reflects Gaudì’s vision of the forest canopy.

The incredible lightness of the structure allows daylight to flood in, creating a very special atmosphere which will enchant both believers and non-believers. Whatever your religious persuasions, Sagrada Familia is a must-see!

Harmonious light

sagrada familia light well

“Sagrada Familia will be the church of harmonious light”, declared Gaudí. He was, of course, right. The natural light which flows through the aisles is perfectly balanced with the coloured light flooding through the modernist stained glass windows.

Surrealist beauty

sagrada familia surrealist light

With Sagrada Familia, the limits of dreams and reality become blurred. The light, the colours and Gaudì’s natural symbolism create an exceptional, dream-like feel.

You’ll feel as small as an ant at the foot of the gigantic tree-pillars. Looking up, you’ll feel like you’re seeing the details of the basilica through a giant kaleidoscope. It’s simply indescribable.

Totally unique

rose window sagrada familia

Believer or otherwise, the time you spend in Sagrada Familia is bound to be special and memorable. It’s lively but not frivolous, bright, light, luminous and colourful, and like no other basilica in the world.

There are two options for visiting: a guided visit or an independent visit.

Discovering Sagrada Familia

1-Guided tours

For more details, see our article on guided visits to Sagrada Familia: tried and tested.

2-Book ahead

The queues to get into the basilica can be very long and offputting. The answer? Buy a queue-jump ticket before you arrive.

To buy tickets online, see our article: fast-track tickets for Sagrada Familia.

Top tips

  • Allow around an hour and a half for the full visit.
  • Don’t forget your camera – but note that tripods are not allowed inside the basilica.
  • Sagrada Familia is a church, so visitors are expected to dress and behave appropriately and to be aware of the fact that people may be praying.

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