Fast-track tickets for Sagrada Familia

Here are our top tips for buying fast-track tickets to Sagrada Familia, allowing you to get in without queueing!

fast-track tickets sagrada familia

We’re sure you have better things to do on holiday than spend hours queueing! Fast-track tickets are the perfect time-saving solution. Don’t wait to buy your tickets on-site: book ahead online.

Fast-track tickets for Sagrada Familia

1- City Pass

If you like practical passes that combine tickets and transport, the City Pass may be interesting for you! This pass includes fast-track tickets for the Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell, a ticket for the tourist bus and another for the Aerobus,a special bus service which runs between Barcelona airport and the city centre. In addition, the City Pass offers many discounts for other visits and activities in Barcelona.

Barcelona City Pass

  • Fast-track tickets: Sagrada Familia + Parc Güell
  • Aerobus, tour bus…
  • 20% off in Casa Batlló, Picasso Museum, Miró Foundation and many more!
Barcelona City PassBarcelona City Pass

2-  Sagrada Familia + tourist bus combined pass

This pass offers the possibility to obtain a fast-track ticket for the Sagrada familia and also a ticket for the tourist bus (Hop-On Hop-Off bus).

  • The blue route of the tourist bus stops at Sagrada Familia. Let yourself be carried away by this means of transport and discover all the essentials of the city!
  • ¡Top tip! You can now get a discount for your combined ticket!

3- Guided tour for 29.50 euros that includes a fast-track ticket

  • Available every day of the year (except 25th and 26th December, 1st and 6th January), mornings and afternoons, for groups of between 15 and 35 participants.
  • Visitors are provided with headphones connected to the guide’s microphone, ensuring excellent audibility.
  • This tour focuses mostly on the history and architecture of Sagrada Familia, and is most suitable for adults.
  • This is the cheapest option we tried: €29.50 per person, including your ticket. The price of the tour is thus €14.50 per person. For the 10-17 age group, the price is €26 (free entry for children under 11).

4- The basic ticket on the internet

If you only want to buy a basic fast-track ticket, click here. You can also book it on the official website of the Sagrada Familia.

  • Attention! Do not miss out on the day time! The tickets of the Sagrada Familia can not be exchanged and they are not refundable.
  • Below you will find information on the different discounts that can be applied to this ticket.


  • Buy your tickets as far as possible in advance.
  • Print your tickets or download them to your phone in order to show them at the door. 
  • There is a security check at the entrance. Do not carry sharp objects, they will be confiscated during the visit.

Fast-track guided tours with access to a tower

sagrada familia steeple drawing

  • Price: 51 euros full price, 31 euros for under-11s and free for under-3s.
  • Times: tours in English at 9am and 2pm every day from April to September, 9am every day in October, 2pm every day from November to March


  • Note: when buying online, you’ll receive a coupon via email. You should then collect your ticket by presenting the coupon (printed or on your phone) at the Julia Travel Gray Line agency, 3 Plaça Sagrada Familia.

Small-group private visits (tickets not included)

  • José is a pleasant and professional guide who offers a private tour at 110 euros for a group of maximum 5 people.
  • For each additional person, you have to pay € 24 per adult and € 18 for under-11s.
  • You’ll need to contact José via this link in order to arrange a date and time for your visit before you purchase your fast-track ticket.

Fast-track tickets for Sagrada Familia: price guide

tickets coupe-file Sagrada familia vitraux et reflets

Full-price fast-track tickets: €15

  • Visiting the inside of the basilica is an absolute must.

Sagrada Familia receives no public funding, so maintenance and ongoing construction work is financed exclusively through donations and ticket sales.

€15 isn’t cheap, but you, along with over 3 million other visitors each year, will be helping to ensure that Gaudì’s masterpiece will actually be finished one day – something which is seeming increasingly probable!

  • Tourists beware! Certain highly-publicised sites offer fast-track tickets from 15 euros, but once you add in the site admin fee, a basic visit to the basilica will cost you between 18 and 19 euros. Not the best idea, then!
  • Tickets are only valid for the day and time selected at booking. If you arrive late, your ticket will be worthless!
  • Fast-track tickets also give access to the museum, both façades, the schools and the cloister at Sagrada Familia, and you can stay for as long as you like.

Fast-track tickets and reductions


  • Students: €13
  • Under-30s: €13 euros
  • Over-65s: €13
  • Disabled visitors and carers: free
  • Under-11s: free
  • Top tip! From December 18, 2017 to February 28, 2018, young people between 11 and 30 years old will pay 7 euros for the ticket if they visit the Sagrada Familia on Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays between 5 pm. and 6 pm.

For these discounts to be valid, you’ll need to provide proof of age or status on arrival.

Prices: fast-track entry + audio guide: 22 euros

This option is listed as “audio tour” on the Sagrada Familia website.

Prices: fast-track entry + audio guide + access to one of the towers: 29€

  • As of January 2016, it is no longer possible to buy a ticket to visit the basilica and one of the towers without also paying for an audio guide. The audio guide does not cover the towers.

Both towers have lift access. The Nativity Tower (torre del naixement), 55 metres high, is the oldest and was constructed during Gaudí’s lifetime. The Passion Tower (torre de la passió) is 75 metres high, and is more recent. We recommend the second option as the views are more impressive.

  • The lift takes you up the tower, but you’ll have to come down on foot, via a spiral staircase with around 400 steps.
  • Not recommended for the elderly, those with mobility issues and those with breathing difficulties.
  • No access for children under the age of 6 or for unaccompanied children under the age of 16.

  • Note: the Sagrada Familia website offers a combined entry ticket entitled “Gaudì’s Work and Life”, giving access to the basilica and to the Casa Museu de Gaudí at Parc Güell. This does not include entry to Parc Güell.

You can buy the tickets on the official website of the Sagrada Familia.

Free entry to Sagrada Familia

  • Entry is free for under-11s, but tickets must be booked at the same time as adult tickets and must be presented on arrival.
  • Visitors with a severe disability also benefit from free entry for themselves and a care assistant.

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