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Santa Burg: Paradise for gourmet burger lovers


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The surprising burgers and other delicious dishes at Santa Burg make it the perfect place to nourish body and soul. Follow us to burger paradise.

Santa Burg burger

Santa Burg Eixample: Valencia 273
Santa Burg Sants: Vallespir 51


Tuesday-Saturday: from 12pm to 3am
Mondays and Sundays from 1pm to 11pm

How much?

Between 15 and 20 euros


Because the flesh is weak (the Santa Burg motto)

When it was initially suggested to me that I try Santa Burg in Eixample, a restaurant specializing in burgers, I wasn’t too enthusiastic.

In fact, to be honest, I’m neither a big carnivore nor a particular fan of burgers, and I systematically avoid fast food restaurants, ketchup, rubbery bread and low quality products.

But I quickly realized that Santa Burg had nothing to do with this sort of place. Having tried it out I have no regrets, and I strongly recommend you pay them a visit!

Santa Burg’s two addresses

Once inside the Eixample branch of Santa Burg, I was immediately pleasantly surprised by the wooden paneling, comfortable seats, original decor and warm atmosphere, all of which make it a really nice setting for a burger joint!

The Santa Burg at 273 Valencia Street opened in 2016 and is the second Santa Burg restaurant, the original being in Sants (Carrer Vallespir, 51) just a stone’s throw from the excellent gastrobar La Mundana. In fact the same chef, the inventive Alain Guiard, directs the kitchens of both establishments. Which is a very good sign!

Santa Burg’s extraordinary burgers

The flesh is weak at Santa Burg (and that’s their motto) and given what’s on offer, it’s not surprising!

The menu offers a long list of burgers, each more original than the last.

  • Meat lovers and burger connoisseurs will love the Santa Jeanluxe: a wonderful mixture of excellent quality (dry aged) red meat, foie gras and apple sauce: tender and mouthwatering!
  • Lovers of exotic flavors will adore the Santa Bollywood: a delicious burger made from breaded chicken and seasoned with Tikka Masala sauce and tsatziki.

santa burg hamburger

  • Vegetarians are also welcome at Santa Burg, and can dive remorselessly into the Santa natura: a vegetarian steak burger accompanied by burrata cheese, tomato, rocket, endives and pesto sauce.

Santa Burg’s varied menu

As well as their tasty burgers, Santa Burg also offers a wide range of tapas, tacos and main courses, all equally appetizing.

  • As a little precursor to your meal, we recommend the tacos with humus or guacamole as well as their chicken fingers marinated in lemon.

If, like me, you’re not a huge burger fan, you might like to try the delicious Santa Garden fajita, made with aubergine, humus, feta, olives and tsatziki.

santa burg santa garden

Personally I can’t resist the Santa Tarreco salad made with a very tasty escalivada (Catalan specialty based on peppers, aubergines and onions) accompanied by rocket, endives and a gorgeous romesco sauce!

  • They have a new cocktail section that we haven’t been able to taste yet, but if they are as good as the food, it’s a safe bet!

escalivada salad (peppers, aubergine, rocket)

Santa Burg’s Prices

Don’t expect the prices to be too low. The excellent quality of the ingredients means that the bill can quickly add up at Santa Burg.

Burger prices range between 7 and 15 euros and snacks between 1.50 and 10 euros. Expect to pay a little less than 5 euros for the large portion of their very good home made fries that accompanies your main course.

  • The website The Fork happens to offer great deals for this restaurant, so you should make sure to check it out before your visit!

Santa Burg is a gourmet burger temple in Barcelona and I often go back there to worship. It’s true that the flesh is weak, but a little pleasure is good for the soul!

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