Barcelona Top Travel Tips


Barcelone panorama view

Barcelona: Everything you need to know before you visit!

Vibrant, cosmopolitan, sunny and packed with culture, Barcelona is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. Read on to find out more about the Catalan...

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interesting facts Barcelona

20 interesting Barcelona facts you did not know

Discover the weirder side of Barcelona with these 20 little-known facts you can dazzle your friends with! ...

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plaça del rei History Museum

Museum of the history of Barcelona: a surprising tour of ancient and medieval sites

The city's history museum offers a rich cultural and exciting tour, so get ready to step back through time. ...

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Gothic quarter Barcelona

Guided visits of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter

Discover the history of Barcelona on a walking tour of the city's Gothic Quarter! Ready to turn back the clock? Just follow the guide!...

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Barcelona's history gothic quarter

A weekend discovering the history of Barcelona

From Roman times to modernism, via the middle ages, the history of Barcelona is rich and fascinating. Take a weekend to explore the city's past!...

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