Barcelona Top Travel Tips
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Timesburg: your destination for top-quality burgers in Barcelona

Timesburg, in the heart of Poblenou and at two other locations in Barcelona, serves up generous, gourmet burgers. Your mouth should be already watering!...

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Easter holidays Tibidabo

Easter holidays or springtime with the family in Barcelona

It's Springtime, and Easter holidays! What better way to take the family away than planning a trip to Barcelona? ...

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Tibidabo: views

Tibidabo, an amusement park overlooking Barcelona

To visit a great amusement park with family and friends, and enjoy an incredible view of Barcelona, Tibidabo is the perfect place! ...

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antic teatre

Antic Teatre: a quirky café-bar in an old Barcelona theatre

Café by day and bar by night, and all round cultural centre: the Antic Teatre has many sides but is first and foremost a unique...

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federal café

Federal Café: a stylish, relaxed urban oasis

Pretty and peaceful, Federal Café has something for everyone: tapas, original dishes, pastries, cocktails, juice... Check it out at any time of day!...

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alsur café born

Alsur Café: tasty treats in the heart of the Born quarter

Ready for a break after a thorough exploration of the Born quarter? Alsur Café is an unexpected and surprising eatery, great for relaxing in....

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