Taverna del Clínic: tradition + innovation = great tapas!

taverna del clinic patatas bravas

The Taverna del Clínic, in Barcelona’s Eixample quarter, opened its doors in 2006. A cross between local bar and high-end restaurant, it’s the brainchild of the Simôes brothers, Manu (the chef) and Toni (the sommelier).

In 2016, ten years after first opening and riding the wave of the Taverna’s success, the owners decided to expand, doubling the size of the restaurant and creating a sophisticated new space with views onto the kitchen, where clients can see the chefs at work. It’s quite a show – and it’s amazing how calm they all seem!

Entering through the original bar – which hasn’t changed much since the Taverna del Clínic opened in 2006 – you can choose to stay in the more lively, traditional area, or turn left into the new extension, which breathes an air of quiet sophistication.

We’ve been fans of the Taverna del Clínic since it first opened (it used to be our go-to place to take visitors for tapas), and having been back twice in the last couple of months, we’re pleased to confirm that the Simôes brothers haven’t lost their touch! The quality of their products is as great as ever, and they’re at the top of their “fine-dining tapas” game.

Taverna del Clínic: service and menu

The waiting staff at the Taverna are friendly, efficient and professional. No snobbery, no fuss – just great service, exactly how we like it!

The menu is extensive and varied, and whatever you choose is sure to be impeccably presented. Take the time to admire the tableware, specially selected to show the food to its best advantage!

Top tips for eating at the Taverna del Clínic

Over the years, the Taverna del Clínic has evolved into a high-end restaurant – the tapas and platillos here don’t come cheap.

If you’re on a budget, just keep an eye on the prices: some of the dishes are rather expensive, due to the quality of the products and the chef’s attention to detail.

  • We’ve never gone above the 20-euro price point, and we’ve never been disappointed! Even the “cheaper” dishes are excellent, including a number of tapas “classics” given the special Simôes treatment.

Taverna del Clínic: star dishes

  • The mi-cuit liver with caramelised apples: a salty-sweet marvel, very well balanced and truly unforgettable. It’s – sniff – beautiful. (Dries single tear from corner of right eye)

mi-cuit liver taverna del clinic

  • The famous “patatas bravas de la taverna”: possibly THE dish that made the restaurant’s reputation for classic tapas with a twist. Easy on the eye and a treat for the tastebuds, these little potato cylinders are filled with spicy sauce, and are easily the prettiest example of their kind we’ve found in Barcelona! Don’t leave without trying them.

patatas bravas Taverna del clínic

  • The chef is particularly fond of seafood, and it shows. If you choose to go down that path, however, allow 20 – 35 euros per dish.

Desserts at the Taverna del Clínic

The desserts are generally less original than the rest of the menu, but they’re still pretty good! Try the 65% cacao truffles, the vegetable and citrus sorbet, or the homemade torrija (a type of gourmet French toast) with yogurt ice cream. We’ve tested them and all three get our seal of approval!


For those for whom no meal is complete without cheese, the bar offers a surprising and, of course, tasty selection of cheeses.


The wine list, presented on an iPad, is extremely varied – with over 600 options, from Spain and elsewhere – but also extremely dear: only the best is good enough. Your call.

Book ahead!

Not essential, but highly recommended, especially if there are more than four of you.

  • On our last visit, we booked a table for six, and were lucky enough to be seated in a pretty, private dining area – now that’s VIP treatent for you!

tl;dr: sophisticated and unforgettable tapas in elegant but relaxed surroundings. A special experience!

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