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We Pudding: a café for all children, from 0 to 99

we pudding

On entering the ground floor, you’ll find a small conservatory and a long bar, with pretty cakes and mismatched armchairs. Go upstairs, and you’ll find a large wooden table, board games, books and… giant mushrooms. Oh yes. And no, we haven’t been drinking… Welcome to We Pudding, a lovely little teashop right in the middle of the Eixample quarter in central Barcelona.

Down the rabbit hole with Alice

Step through the door of We Pudding and you’ll enter an imaginary world, in which nothing seems more natural than sipping tea from a delicate, chintzy china cup whilst sitting under two giant mushrooms.

The ceiling is draped with a candy-cane striped fabric, which contributes to the quirky-but-warm feel of the place. Portraits of dogs in suits might remind visitors of the childhood scenes in Amélie, or of any number of internet memes. Given the surroundings, it’s easy to let your imagination run away with you…

we pudding interior

Learn, create, explore, and… have fun!

The café’s motto is “Eat, play and think”, and that’s easy to do here, with free access to board games, any number of books to flick through and iPads to play with.

Additional activities are often available, for a fee, for children and teenagers: examples have included Chinese lessons, drawing classes, urbanism and architecture workshops. We Pudding also hosts themed birthday parties.

we pudding games

We Pudding: a quirky hideaway for all

teacup drawing

We Pudding is sure to delight both children and their parents. It’s also a perfect place to relax and to meet others who also appreciate the original décor and the warm, welcoming environment.

Food-wise, we enjoyed the tea, coffee and sandwiches on offer. For those with a sweet tooth, all of the homemade cakes looked utterly delectable, so… dig in!

we pudding tarts

If you liked the fantasy of this café, you can’t miss the Pudding Diagonal, that will take you to the wonderful world of Harry Potter! It’s a magical universe! So what are you waiting to get on your Nimbus 2000 to discover it? There are great surprises waiting for you…

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