Barcelona’s best offbeat and underground electro clubs

Input electro club

Barcelona is pretty much a club in its own right. Known the world over as a city that knows how to party, it plays host to a whole list of major events every year, and there are literally hundreds of electro clubs all over the city. With so much choice available, it can be hard to choose your destination for that big night out!

Here’s our selection of the best electro clubs to dance the night away in a simple or “underground” setting. Here, there are no tables, no waiters, no cocktails, no VIP areas for sipping champagne: it’s all about the music, and nothing but the music.

Input Hight Fidelity: electro… and acoustics

This is, without a doubt, the best club for connaisseurs: the sound quality is simply stunning. If you want the technical details, note that the sound system is by Funktion-One, which is pretty much the best of the best.

Electro club: Input Hight Fidelity

The way to the club takes you through little paved streets right the way up to Poble Espanyol – not the type of setting you’d necessarily associate with electro! As you get closer, you’ll start to hear House or Techno beats bouncing off the stone walls, preparing you for a massive shift in atmosphere on arriving at the club.

  • The club’s high ceiling makes it ideal for displaying weird and wonderful temporary installations – or Input’s famous mirror ball, reputed to be the biggest in the world.
  • The lighting is impressive, with a vast screen of LEDs and some truly mesmerizing scenography to make you feel like you’re in an entirely different universe.
  • The DJ is on a raised stage, so all eyes are on him.
  • The resident DJ, Hitch, never fails to put on a great show!

Stars such as the Bodzins and Len Faki are also fans, and put in an appearance on-stage from time to time.
Where? Avenida de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13, in Poble Espanyol
When? Friday and Saturday, midnight – 6am
How much? Drinks (alcoholic) €10, entry dependent on what’s on
Why? For the sound quality

The Club M7 : YOUR underground club

underground club

“MI club es TON club….si quieres”… or, in other words, “MY club is YOUR club, if you like..” Such is the motto of Ramón Becerra, the new owner of the M7, the club formerly known as Warehouse.

His main aim – bordering on an obsession – is not only to play the very best music, but to create an atmosphere where everyone feels right at home!

Ramón keeps a close eye on his club to make sure the vibe is right, and pops up all over the establishment from time to time.

The Club M7 is something of a paradox: it’s an underground club… but upstairs. Climb the steps (follow the vibration of the basses) and push your way through the heavy curtain to reach the club.

The club is just the perfect size – not too big, not too small – and the high ceilings create a feeling of space.This creates a more comfortable atmosphere, and you won’t feel crushed, like you may in some other clubs.

Ramón tells me that he’s working to perfect the sound system, making new and innovative changes on a regular basis. The latest addition is a series of accoustic panels at the back of the room, designed to bounce sound back into the room.

And there’s more! The smaller zouk area has been transformed into an electro room. It’s smaller, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less vibrant…

Ramon has two passions in life: his daughter, and his music. There are few things he enjoys more than sharing this second passion with other music fans!

So, without further ado, welcome to the club… YOUR club!

Where? Carrer de Mèxic, 7, Montjuîc  
When?  Thursday to Saturday, midnight – 6am
How much?
Entry 10 euros, beers 4 euros
For the warm welcome!

The Side UP: electro and theatrics

The Side UP electro club

Located on Avenida del Paral-lel, this club, only open on Fridays, plays a mix of house and techno tracks with a focus on local artists such as Marc Piñol alongside international stars like The Hacker.

  • The Side UP has a theatrical feel to it, with two staircases up the side walls, open to all (no VIP areas here!). Head on up for great views of the whole dancefloor and to watch the DJs do their thing.

We particularly like the welcoming atmosphere at Side UP, and the reasonably-priced drinks don’t hurt either!Where? Avenida del Paraŀlel, 37, 08004 Barcelona
When? Fridays, midnight – 6am
How much? Spirits €6, beers €3, entry €10
Why? For the atmosphere and the reasonable prices

Macarena: a small, intimate electro club

Macarena electro club Macarena is a former flamenco bar, converted into one of the world’s smallest electro clubs. With a maximum capacity of around 100, it has a private, intimate feel.
The layout here is different to what you’ll find in bigger clubs: the DJ is in the middle of the floor, surrounded by the crowd. The closest most of us will get to spinning discs ourselves!

  • There’s a great “family” feel here, and the staff are great: Marco, the doorman, with his “blinged-out” beard, Jordi, the manager, Carolina, the barmaid, and Gustavo, one of the owners. They’re all devoted to making you feel right at home.

Set in the heart of the Gothic quarter, the club is open every night, and has a great, varied playlist. No excuse to stay in! Macarena is the perfect venue for a last-minute night out with a few good friends.Where? Carrer Nou de Sant Francesc, 5 in the Gothic quarter
When? Every night from midnight – 5am during the week and until 6 on Friday and Saturday
How much? Entry is usually €5 before 2am, €10 after. Spirits cost €10, beers €5.
Why? For the intimate, private feel

The Red 58 : Venezuelan electro

Entry to The Red58 electro club
Not far from the Passeig de Gràcia in the Eixample quarter, the Red58 opened to the public in March 2017. Just follow the red light to find a small, underground club!

Red58 is the fruit of long years of dreaming by its Venezuelan owners, who finally decided to set up shop in Barcelona. The “58” in the name is the dialing code for their home country! The team behind the club have over 15 years of experience on the international music scene, so they know what they’re doing.

  • The top-quality sound system is designed to highlight all the subtle nuances of techno, house and minimal tunes, even when the dancefloor is full to capacity (250).

The club offers a stage for small local collectives in Barcelona, including Kommuna, Reckon and Subwax BCN. The resident DJs, Omar M and MOREON, occasionally give way to international artists such as Moritz von Oswald.Where? Consell De Cent 280, in the Eixample
When? Friday and Saturday, midnight – 6am
How much? Depends what’s on (usually €10)
Why?  For the red light underground!

Laut: the new electro club


Laut is a brand new club, and the name sets the tone – Laut means “loud” in German. The electro program is excellent. Located in Poble Sec, it’s well on its way to rivalling Apolo, a close neighbour!

  • The club is small, with a capacity of 200. The utilitarian décor and the ventilation ducts running across the ceiling make it feel like a corner of Berlin in Barcelona.
  • The organisers are very choosy about who they showcase, with a focus on the local scene and on offering opportunities to new artists. The club also attracts international talent.

We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next – from what we’ve seen, the future’s bright for Laut!

Where? Carrer de Vila i Vilà, 61, Poble Sec
When? Friday and Saturday, midnight – 5am
How much? 8 euros
Why? To discover somewhere new

Don’t forget the classics, either – Barcelona’s big name clubs include the  Apolo, Moog, City Hall and Razzmatazz. The Pacha has great music on Sundays. Other clubs such as R33 and Upload  are also worth a look.

Big shout out to our clubber friends Sarah and Jérémy, and to the amazing DJ Petru for their top tips!

Time to pump up the bass…

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