Châtelet, a cool, friendly cocktail bar in Barcelona

Châtelet entrance

Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink, dinner, or a few rounds before a big night out, Châtelet, a very versatile cocktail bar located in the Gràcia neighbourhood, has exactly what you need!

Châtelet is inviting

This excellent bar opens out onto the street with a large glass front that is pulled back in the Summer, allowing customers to bask in the neighbourhood atmosphere. When the weather starts to cool down, it’s put back in place, but you can still enjoy the pretty street from your table inside.

  • If you prefer a more intimate setting, you can grab one of the tables at the entrance or just beside the bar, as they are a more secluded!


Châtelet’s cocktail menu

Châtelet cocktails

The bar specializes in cocktails, so the menu is pretty extensive. But don’t worry, if you find it intimidating you only need to ask the staff and they will advise you on the best drink to suit your tastes and your mood.

  • They use very good quality products to make their cocktails. The fruit is always fresh, and you can really taste the difference! I tried the strawberry daquiri (see photo) which is one of their most popular drinks. And for very good reason!
  • As well as cocktails, there are also various types of beer, so there really is something for everyone!
  • If you prefer non-alcoholic drinks, their fruit juices and smoothies are also excellent. One of the (many) times I’ve been here, I went for a mango and orange smoothie and it was delicious and super refreshing. Perfect for a Summer afternoon!

Châtelet’s food menu

Châtelet nachos with cheese and guacamole

The food menu is much shorter than the cocktail menu but it is just as good, and offers the perfect accompaniments to a round of delicious drinks, including humus, guacamole and chips with alioli.

  • In my opinion, the star of the show is the nachos with cheese and guacamole, in the above photo. The portions are generous and it will leave you licking your fingers!
  • As well as tapas, there is also a wide range of paninis. Personally, I haven’t tried them but I’ve heard only good things so they’re on my to-do list for my next visit!

Châtelet’s cool, welcoming decor

Châtelet decoration

From the walls to the seating, everything here is imbued with a special charm. Colour and positivity reign and everything is made from wood, making for a very warm atmosphere. The decor also includes considered little touches such as the wine bottles, books, posters and other objects lining the walls.

Châtelet’s prices

Given the quality and range of cocktails, the prices here are more than reasonable. You will definitely come back for more!

  • Expect to pay around €6 for a cocktail and around €2 for a beer.

In terms of food the prices make sense. The food is good, but it’s not particularly original, and the prices reflect that.

  • From €4 for nachos and €6 for a panini.

Useful information

Châtelet is open every afternoon and it’s always a good time to visit. Until 10pm it’s fairly quiet, and between 10:30 and 11pm the atmosphere tends to heat up. So the timing of your visit might depend on your mood.

  • It’s right beside one of the cines Verdi Verdi cinemas, giving you the perfect excuse for a quick drink before or after a film.
  • And if you fancy something sweet la Besnéta is just opposite!
  • The service is very warm and friendly, and the staff will make you feel very welcome!

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