Espit Chupitos: THE place for shots in Barcelona


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Looking to spice up your night out in Barcelona? Stop off at Espit Chupitos for mini-drinks with maxi-style!

espit chupitos bottles

Aribau 77, Metro: Universitat (L1 or L2)
Consell de Cent 268, Metro: Universitat (L1 or L2)
Passeig de Colon 8 Métro Barceloneta (L4)


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How much?

From 2 euros


For original shots

We’ve covered cocktail bars, wine bars and the best places for beer… now, on to the shots! Espit Chupitos has exactly what you need.

If you’ve been to Spain before, you probably know that chupitos are small glasses of alcohol, designed to be downed in one. Chupitos can be bought from many bars, and some restaurants also serve them at the end of a meal. Espit Chupitos, as its name suggests, specialises in these bijou drinks, and what they lack in size, they make up for in taste!

Espit Chupitos: tiny drinks, big surprises!

The menu at Espit Chupitos is shown on the wall, and it’s impressive, to say the least. Don’t try and count the options, or you’ll be there all night – there are over 600 different chupitos on offer!

espit chupitos list

The names are as varied as the drinks: “Beso blanco” (white kiss), “Macaron”, “Salvatore”, “Vaca Loca” (mad cow), “Aspirador” (vacuum), ” Tragatelo” (down it!) or “Apocalipsis” (apocalypse). They seem to be plucked from thin air – let your imagination run wild and try to guess what might be in the chupitos in question!

The only clues come in the form of little icons by the names, indicating drinks which are stronger than average, “tasty”, “insane”, or even “flaming”. Choose one of the last sort, and you’re in for a visual treat when your chupito arrives!

The photo below shows a series of “Antorcha” flaming chupitos. Seriously impressive!

Espit Chupitos Barcelona bar

Espit Chupitos: get the party started!

The neon lights and nightclub styling at Espit Chupitos sets the scene: the bars are designed for fun! The relaxed, cheerful atmosphere is just what you need to get your night out off to a great start.

  • If you have questions or requests about any of the shots on offer, don’t hesitate to ask the staff – they’re experts in their field! Their welcoming and helpful attitude forms a large part of Espit Chupitos’ appeal.
  • The prices are pretty friendly, too, with shots from €2-3 – so you’re not going to break the bank!

Espit Chupitos: things to bear in mind

  • Don’t go overboard on the chupitos! They’re small but powerful, and, obviously, alcoholic.
  • Go with friends or people you feel comfortable with. Some of the chupitos (like the Monica Lewinsky) are served in a way which requires a certain amount of, ahem, role play. We don’t want to give too much away, though!
  • Espit Chupitos is small and it can get hot very quickly, particularly in summer! Best keep your visit short(ish) to avoid overheating…
  • If you’re visiting Barcelona for a stag party or a hen weekend, Espit Chupitos is a great addition to the programme.

Espit Chupitos branches in Barcelona:

  • Consell de Cent, 268 (Eixample): Monday to Thursday: 7pm – 2.3oam; Friday, Saturday and the night before public holidays: 7pm – 3am.
  • Aribau 77 (Eixample, the one in this article): Monday to Thursday: 10.30pm – 2.3oam; Friday, Saturday and the night before public holidays: 10.30pm – 3am; Sunday, 10.30pm – 2.30pm.
  • Passeig de Colon 8 (Ciutat Vella): Monday to Thursday: 10.30pm – 2.3oam; Friday, Saturday and the night before public holidays: 10pm – 3am.
  • Where to next? Well, somewhere to dance and let off steam, of course! Head for Moog or Razzmatazz if you’re into electro and you like big clubs, Bling-Bling if you prefer something more exclusive, or La Fira for something out of the ordinary.

Have fun!

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